Saturday, 7 February 2009

Pakistan calling . . . Pakistan calling . . .

YES, all rather sinister I'm afraid. A country, with a huge number of its nationals residing in our country, trying to interfere with British democracy.

The worrying revelation comes in the Pakistan Daily under the headline "Register to vote or this racist BNP man Nick Griffin get elected". Well if that's not enough to motivate the British people themselves to ensure they have the vote on June 4th and support the BNP, I don't know what is. You can read the story here

Sometimes anti-BNP reporting is so appalling that you can't help laughing. This is how the Tameside Advertiser yesterday covered the Hyde Newton by-election result. What do you think of this report

Adam Derbyshire, who penned it, is a real creep and this is par for the course for him. What surprises me is that an editor, presumably the Advertiser has one and it's not Derbyshire himself, has allowed such drivel to pass without any changes. 900 BNP voters aren't going to be happy with this summary of events and could well stop buying the newspaper. Playing so fast and loose with a significant section of the readership is a dangerous game for any newspaper to be undertaking in these difficult economic times.

In fact, the biased slant of the report didn't go unnoticed by a Labour Party supporter on the Vote-2007 website. This wag wrote: "If the BNP limped home in second place then the Tories must have been stretchered in to take 3rd and the Lib-Dem candidate exhumed to finish 4th!"

I'm just off to Carlisle to help our excellent BNP candidate Alistair Barbour, in the Castle ward by-election. I'm hoping that I will be dispatched to leafletting duty as I have some serious weight to get shot of. Check out Clive Jefferson's brilliant blog here to get updated as to what's going on in Cumbria and the two by-elections we are currently contesting in Carlisle.

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astra said...

I liked the comment re stretchers and exhumation of the other parties. I wonder how many Labour voters were "exhumed..."
While trying to accuse great candidate Ros Gauci of being a sore loser, Labour actually sounded as if they had lost.
The new Labour phenomenon: "sore 'winners'!"

That goes for the Tameside Advertiser whose circulation should suddenly drop by a thousand.
Well done, Ros. David against the Goliaths.