Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The Church in a dilemma

This is Michael Elliott with family and friends at Saturday's Battle for Britain fundraising social in Cumbria. Michael (stripped shirt) is one of our candidates on the North West list for the European Elections. Yesterday I received some superb photos taken during the evening by a professional photographer and no doubt many of these will appear in various leaflets, newspapers and on local websites in the coming months.

Freedom deadlines are hanging over me yet again so it's a truncated blog this morning. Our 'Jesus Poster' made both today's issues of the Daily Telegraph and The Scotsman. Those political church leaders who like to manipulate the Gospel to suit their own ends seem to be having a bit of trouble with this one. And I think this story could run on a little because the media quite likes to see sanctimonious clergy struggling with biblical interpretations.

And just this minute there has been another offering on the subject from Ekklesia which IS the political church. There appears to be some dissension in the ranks as to what Jesus would have said about the poster. Enjoy their dilemma here.

Four elections on Thursday and the word from Yorkshire is that our vote is holding up quite well in both Leeds and Halifax in the face of huge campaigns from Labour and the Tories. I hope to get some more info from all four contests during the day.

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