Friday, 27 March 2009

They must have the patience of Job

Congratulations to Stephen Fyfe and Lawrence Perkins on their votes last night.

I didn't stay up last night for the results, so there was a pleasant surprise this morning.

The site that is normally first with the news, along with the Comments' Section on, is Vote-2007, but this site had been down all day so I thought I would go to bed early with a good book - "White Nights" by Anne Cleeves. It's just a whodunit? but I like the descriptions of the Shetland Islands where it's set and this one is as good as her previous novel set there, 'Black Raven'.

So it's another upbeat Friday, and the telephones here are already ringing off the hooks and it still isn't yet nine. As I said earlier this week, we have an overflow line for enquiries, thankfully just for a few days, and although I only do a short stint to cover a lunch break, I am full of admiration for Donna, Jean and the team for their efforts. They must have the patience of Jobe.

I had had enough after just a handful of calls yesterday.

"You should get on TV more"

"Why don't you put out leaflets"

"You never put up a candidate here'


All well-meaning suggestions from people who must think that the Party is ten times the size it actually is.

With some, so full of urgency, it's as though they have just woken up. I feel like asking them what they have been doing for the past 30 years while our country has been taken over. But I just have to bite my tongue.

The membership of the BNP has never worked harder, so it's a bit galling that people who aren't even members are so quick to tell us that we are not doing enough.

I think my lack of enthusiasm yesterday to welcome these enquiries to the fold was noticed, so I expect shall be passed over if there's a call for volunteers today.

I see that Bob Crow's No2eu party will not be taking up their European Parliament seats if they win any in June. You can read the report in this morning's Tribune here.

I'm certain that Bob Crow's lot will play a similar role to that of Respect at the last Euro Elections in 2004.

I was the No.2 candidate in the North West and at the count at Manchester Town Hall, the Respect team spent they whole evening standing around just abusing the BNP candidates and agents. It turned out that they were all anti-BNP campaigners and had no interest in how the votes were stacking up for Respect. They made it quite difficult for us to move around and monitor the counting and were constantly shouting abuse at us. Apart from our security, there was no one official to tell them to behave themselves.

I expect all the UAF people that have been busy campaigning against the BNP in the North West will turn up as counting agents for No2eu. Thankfully our security is well up to speed on all this and will be alerting the authorities about these concerns at a special meeting tonight.


Bert Rustle said...

Martin Wingfield wrote ... I'm certain that Bob Crow's lot will play a similar role to that of Respect at the last Euro Elections in 2004. ...

Which was what exactly?

I had presumed that No2EU were designed to distract the Working Classes from the BNP, with JuryTeam doing the same for the Blogging Classes and UKIP for traditional Conservatives.

Any idea of where Libertas fit into the Establishment Party? Kilroy was here, where is he now?

chris799 said...

its Job not jobe Martin

alanorei said...

An interesting piece of news from Redcar today:

One of our activists encountered a new type of resident, a 'reverse screamer.'

He gave him his mail merge envelope and said it was an election address. The recipient was irate until he opened it and saw our candidate's photo. He said to our activist (in the presence of several friends, fellows in their 30s), "You're BNP! Oh, sorry, mate, thought you were Labour! Yeah, I'll vote for you, come and have a cup of tea, mate!"

His friends might vote for us, too.

Nulab have been out canvassing and have even produced an anti-Lib Dim leaflet.

If they tear each other to pieces, that is an advantage.

I sometimes wonder what nulab says on the doorstep e.g. "Your tax money is safe with us - for us" maybe.

Salford Supporter said...

As you are very much involved with election strategy, Martin, I wanted to just pass on my thoughts. I think that the E.U leaflet and the website urgently needs to carry a notice refuting the 'fascist' smear. A short statement such as 'BNP against fascism' which states our opposition to dictatorship and our support for freedom of political association would go a long way in disarming the smear merchants but, more importantly, it would reassure the significant number of sympathetic voters who have so far been put off voting for us by the smear of 'fascism'.