Saturday, 11 April 2009

Can you help in Salford?

I'm just off to a candidates' briefing for the European Elections but I wanted to post this message from Gary Tumulty from Salford BNP.

He writes:

"As you may know there is a another by-election in Salford on 21st May in Irwell Riverside Ward.
"We need help both canvassing and leafletting for this vitally important contest just two weeks before the European Elections. Please contact me on 07909 674 006 if you can help with the campaign.
"On the 19th March we fought the Pendlebury ward by-election and received a very good 13.5% vote share, but that took much of our local funds so we are in need of financial support.
Any donation would be very welcome with cheque or postal order made payable to the 'British National Party' and sent to:

British National Party,
P.O. Box 16,
M6 7PT.

Please support Salford BNP, this is an important election for all of us, not just for Salford and the North West.

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luke said...

pay particular attention to 'countries concerned'

'Potentially 43 members'