Thursday, 9 April 2009

It's not about a bumbling policeman

SO 12 Pakistani Muslims, living in Britain, have been arrested.

It seems that they were planning another terrorist atrocity on the scale of the London tube bombing, so their detention could well have saved the lives of many British people.

Yet there is little celebration of this in the media this morning. Radio 4's Today progamme was only interested in criticising our counter-terrorist police for apparently arresting the men too soon.

Presenter James Naughtie was so wrapped up in his criticism of the senior officer concerned, and so intent, it seemed, to cover up the REAL story of the planned slaughter of British people by foreign terrorists, that he was left almost speechless when one interviewee dared to mention that those arrested were all of Pakistani Muslim origin.

The real story isn't about a bumbling policeman. It's about a fifth column of terrorists living in our midst who are waging a religious and cultural war against the British people.

Good luck to Derek Adams (above) and his team for the Moston by-election today, and thank you to all those involved who have emailed me with their take on how things will go.

Clive Jefferson, the North West's new regional organiser (well done Clive - a much deserved appointment), told me:

"An almost impossible one to call because no canvassing has been done.

"Derek and his team have put in a good campaign with top quality literature, including a full colour A3 leaflet.

"Derek is on the North West's European Elections list and his aim from the start was to build up the British National Party's profile in the area and to meet our target percentage to get Nick elected. I think both objectives will be achieved."

Experienced election campaigner Mike Lester was also in no rush to make any predictions. He said:

"The Moston by-election is difficult to predict. Firstly we have never stood in that ward before and we did not attempt to canvass it, so we have no realistic idea of what our true level of support is.

"The main shopping precinct is dominated by the ward's ethnic minority communities and many parts of the ward have seen better days. It seems to be an area much of which has missed out on Manchester's regeneration makeover.

"Our campaign consisted of a warm up leaflet, an excellent election address and a glossy postcard for the last week of the campaign.

"Special attention has been paid to postal voters and to the areas where the older British population resides. The demographic profile of the ward is changing with ethnic minority voters now making up about 20% of the electorate."

Others have been much more upbeat about our chances and many report "the great reception" that the BNP leafleters received in some parts of Moston. In summing up, I would be very happy with around 8% which will keep us on track for an MEP. A 10% vote and I shall be over the moon.

It will be interesting to see whether the arrests in Manchester last night influence voters in any way. Much will depend on how the media plays it. Will they go into details as to the terrorists' target and what was the outcome they intended?

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Myles said...

Naughtie was even worse last week, Martin. In the "Today" programme he was discussing Britain's population explosion and NOT ONCE did he mention - or even hint at - the cause, which is, of course, third word immigration (both legal and illegal).