Tuesday, 21 April 2009

They want us to think it's too late.

If there was ever a television programme which illustrated the urgency with which the British National Party needs to establish itself as a mainstream political party it was Tonight on ITV yesterday evening at 8 o'clock.

It was pure 1984. Immigrants interviewing other immigrants to explain to the British people the positive aspects of immigration. Even the 'local' workers, interviewed about Eastern European immigrants taking their jobs, were Afro-Caribbean immigrants. You could have been excused for thinking that the programme might have been about Britain in 60 years time when the British people have become the minority in their own country.

But that, of course, was its purpose. To make the British people believe that immigration is so far advanced that there is nothing that can be done about it - that there can be no reversal of the trend that is set to change the face of the British population forever.

Probably the most depressing part of the half hour slot came near the end when dear old Trevor McDonald visited a school in East London. Just two of the twelve children interviewed were British and if you closed your eyes one of those sounded as though she was Jamaican.

What is important for us is how ordinary Britons felt watching such a programme. Are they seeing it through our eyes or the eyes of those who made the programme. The answer to that question will decide our fate on June 4th.

I'm grateful to Cynthia Wainwright for a report from Cornwall on a day's activity in Helston and Falmouth.

"While leafletting in Falmouth a community policeman who was standing in a doorway asked for one of our leaflets. We joked that his superiors wouldn't want him to read it and he just smiled as he folded it up and placed it in his top pocket.

"We were chatting to him when a retired schoolteacher joined in the conversation, she forthrightly expressed her fears about what was happening to our country.

"It's typical of the response we have received in Cornwall since we started leafleting in September for the European Election campaign. While Cornwall hasn't been affected like the rest of the UK by immigration, over 60% of the population are White flighters who have turned their backs on the multi-racial society to find a little bit of England in their retirement years, so they are receptive to our message.

"Also significant numbers of East Europeans are appearing in towns like Cambourne and with the Government wanting another 70.000 houses built in the South West, it makes you wonder who they have been earmarked for."

Thanks to Scotland organiser Gary Raikes for a report on the by-election for the Aboyne, Upper Deeside and Donside by-election for Aberdeen Council.

These are the candidates:
Rosemary BRUCE (Lib-Dem)
Wilson FORBES (Ind)
Jo PICK (Con)

Gary writes:

"Another day was spent on the campaign trail in Deeside on Sunday where our leafleteers basked in glorious sunshine pounded the streets of Aboyne delivering a ‘vote for Roy Jones’ leaflet with the ‘say no to EU rule’ one.

At the same time our candidate canvassed shoppers in the town centre where he was well received although disappointed to find voter apathy to be at an all time high.

While people were happy to stop and speak many expressed their disillusionment with politics and politicians by saying they would not be bothering to vote for anyone!

On a good note those he spoke to were well aware of the BNP standing in this election.

This election uses the transferable vote system so the outcome is far from clear.

Roy has worked hard over the last month to put the BNP marker down in Deeside and in that respect is all ready a winner, we have never contested this ward so this is a first step for BNP Scotland here that has already gained supporters, activists and another future candidate.

Our percentage at the count on Friday will provide measure of things to come on June 4th.

The European Election campaign issue of Freedom is nearing completion and booked into the printers for early next week. The priority here is to get it to our units by May 1st so there's a full month to get the newspaper as widely distributed as possible.

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