Monday, 4 May 2009

Off to Whitehaven . . .

NEVER got around to the correspondence yesterday I'm afraid. Hopefully will do so this afternoon.

This morning I'm off to Whitehaven to help get signatures for another seat they hope to fight in Copeland. Rumour has it that this is the 12th and final electoral division, so that if we are successful today Copeland BNP will be fielding a full slate of candidates, but this is not confirmed. In fact I have been told off for talking up our candidate numbers for Cumbria and that we will be short of the original figures that I quoted last week. Apologies if I have been over optimistic.

What is definite is that we shall be fighting seven in Allerdale with our man in Maryport, Steve Harris, out this morning getting the signatures for Maryport East where Tina is standing.

The electoral division of Maryport East is made up of the local council wards of Ellenborough and Ewanrigg where back in 2007 Tina and I polled 30% of the vote in each of them. In fact the breakdown of votes between Labour and us on the day was more like 55 to 45% but Labour won it massively on the postal vote, by as much as 95 to 5% in Ewanrigg. That won't be happening this time around.

Just a quick newsround then I'm off.

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maddmaxx said...

If i remember Martin you failed miserably but never mind, us jam eaters managed it in 20 minutes. It must be something they put in the jam.