Monday, 18 May 2009

Stay focussed!

An horrendous smear in The Sun this morning. A bogus British National Party leaflet made up by our opponents who then claim it has been put out by the BNP.

Hopefully The Sun will come clean and admit that it has been duped, but I wouldn't hold your breath. Such tactics just show how low the Labour Party will sink, but 'the truth will out' and voters, when they find out they are being manipulated in such a way, will react accordingly.

As I said to our people in the audience at the press conference to launch our North West and Yorkshire campaigns for the European Elections:
"Stay focussed. Don't worry about what the opposition is doing or saying, just concentrate on doing your job properly."

The media is a distorted mirror. It claims to show what is happening but it doctors its message to suit the agenda of its financial backers and its editors. Polls are exactly the same. The way the question is asked dictates the response given.

A by-election in Salford on Thursday will give a much clearer picture as to the voting intentions of the electorate on June 4th.

We need to be looking for a 12% vote share and to finish in front of UKIP. The polls at the moment stay that can't happen, because they have UKIP on 17% and the BNP on just 4%.

Thursday will be an interesting exercise to see whether the reality of actually going out and voting gives the same result as that claimed by the pollsters.

Here are the candidates.
Salford Council
Irwell Riverside
MOLD, Matt (The Labour Party)
MIDDLETON, Steven Ian (Liberal Democrats)
BATES, Chris (Conservative Party)
TUMULTY, Gary (British National Party)
O'DWYER, Duran Benjamin (UK Independence Party)
MITCHELL, Rob (Green Party)
2008 result Lab 888 LibDem 337 Con 286 BNP 233

Hitting the postal voters again today and then by tomorrow we are very hopeful that the process will be finished.


Don't let The Sun get away with its lies about the BNP. Follow these guidelines.

The first step is to go the Press Complaints Commission website complaints form, which you can find by CLICKING HERE

Once on that page, fill in your name, address and contact details, so that the PCC can inform you of the progress of your complaint.

You can cut and paste the information you need directly from here into the form:

In the part asking for Newspaper/magazine, type in: The Sun

In the Publication Date space, type in the following date: Monday 18th May 2009

For the headline, insert the words: Lumley: BNP sickos slur hero Gurkha

The Internet link to the article is HERE

In the section marked "Please explain how you believe the Code of Practice has been breached. Which specific clause(s) of the Code are you complaining under?" please insert the following comment:

The Press Complaints Commission Code of Practice clause 1 reads as follows:
"Accuracy. i) The Press must take care not to publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted information, including pictures."

The disgusting leaflet that the Sun refers to has NOT been distributed by Adam Walker or anyone else within the British National Party. The Sun did not even contact the British National Party to verify whether the leaflet is genuine.
I demand a full written reply to my complaint. I wish to see The Sun print a full retraction and apology

UPDATE 4.30pm

I have just written to the Gurkha Justice campaign and sent them two pages from Freedom that were published last year.

The pages contained these articles. Rather ironic that Adam Walker is featured in the second one.


scouseBNP said...

UKIP down from 19% to 17% to 16% within a week!
BNP support up from 3%, to 5% to 7% within a week!

alanorei said...

From Army Magazine, January 2002, on Major (Retired) Richard D. Winters, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment and veteran of D-Day, Market Garden and Bastogne:

Captains Courageous

A highly successful businessman, [Major Winters] is a frequent lecturer at West Point. His message to the cadets is always the same:

"Hang tough and take care of your soldiers."

Asked by one cadet what his toughest challenge as a commander was, Winters instantly replied,

"To be able to think under fire."
The BNP seems to be doing that pretty well.