Saturday, 6 June 2009

The morning after . .

No, I'm not nursing a hangover, although I do have one, but working on an armchair guide for you to have tomorrow evening so that you can follow the progress of our efforts in the North West region on the European election specials on TV.

Back later with the guide and some thoughts.

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Bert Rustle said...

As the Drive-By Media repeatedly lie by omission on matters of fact, I see no possibility whatsoever of them reporting in a balanced fashion on matters of opinion, which is what politics is. For example, whether one spends twice or three times as much on the NHS as Defence is a matter of opinion, whereas the boiling point of water is a matter of fact.

Drive-By Media reporting of academic research on the existence of races is an example of repeated lying by omission on matters of fact. For example, materially significant differences in the distribution of IQ or various facets of personality.

From what I have seen on they term themselves race realists. For example acknowledging that on average Japanese people are more intelligent than English people but not hating them for it.

I would hazard a guess that the dual requirement of the Drive-By Media reporting points of fact truthfully in full and to discuss the political implications of these facts in an objective fashion is beyond the vast majority of current participants. Exception may include Nicholas Wade of the New York Times and Frank Miele

As such, it appears to me that any and all comment or interview would be best presented on BNPTV with the Drive-By Media left to continue their death spiral. Presumably the salary and expenses of an MEP would provide sufficient funds for such an internet based service.