Sunday, 21 June 2009

My 80th and my last 'Freedom'

NICK has hit the headlines this morning across the country with newspapers reporting "BNP's Griffin weeps over EU success".

What has happened to the NUJ's censorship? Surely it doesn't fit their criteria to report that Nick has shown emotion - devils don't have feelings.

You can read the report here

What is rather strange though is that at this moment, ten-to-nine, under some of the headlines the story is 'unavailable' - are they belatedly trying to pull it? See here

I know why Nick felt so emotional. We all did.

Simon Darby was responsible!

In his introduction he recalled how Tony Blair and his Government had twice tried to jail Nick with the two Race Act trials in Leeds.

When Simon said: "If Tony Blair had had his way, Nick would now be in prison rather than an MEP going to Brussels to represent the people of the North West," - I think it brought home to everyone just how massive our success has actually been.

Great day yesterday and also very constructive. At 9.30 there was an Advisory Council meeting where the plans for the future were set out. This went on till the Victory Rally started.

I reported on our election results and there were also speeches from both our MEPs, Deputy Chairman Simon Darby, our fund-raising magician Jim Dowson and Paul Golding on the BNP's Operation Fightback against a biased media.

Our breakthrough into the mainstream thanks to our two victories in the European Elections will certainly be life changing for Tina and I.

After thirty years of producing a monthly newspaper - firstly for the National Front, then the National Democrats and finally the British National Party, I'm now moving on to something different.

At the meeting Nick announced that I am to be the Campaigns and Communications Officer for both himself and Andrew. This will involve getting the maximum publicity for our MEPs to ensure that every voter in the North West and Yorkshire is aware that they are working on their behalf.

Tina will be Nick's PA and Constituency Office manager, while hard-working Leeds BNP councillor Chris Beverley, will be filling a similar role for Andrew.

There are some more appointments to be made to both teams, but we are awaiting on the official announcement.

Today, for me, it's back to Freedom, my 80th issue and my last. The immensely talented Mark Collett is taking over at the helm of the newspaper and I have no doubt he will make it into a really eye-catching publication.

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alanorei said...

Well done, Martin, for your '80-not-out.'

I am sure you will have every success with your new apointment.