Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Now they are making mistakes

A photo of our brave Pat Richardson headlines the blog this morning.

Pat is a member of the British National Party.

Pat is an elected and a re-elected British National Party councillor.

Pat is the leader of the BNP group of councillors on Epping Forest District Council.

Yet writing in The Independent this morning, Michael Savage who is described as a 'political correspondent,' claims that the BNP bars Black, Asian and Jewish people from membership. You can read his report here.

It seems that in his haste to launch a witch-hunt, Michael has got his facts wrong. That's a big mistake when the people that you are trying to influence are already skeptical because there are just too many anti-BNP stories doing the rounds.

There was another wrong fact 'own goal' on Channel 4 News last night when it was reported that the BNP's elected representatives only helped their White constituents.

Interviewer Jon Snow had to sit there suffering in silence while Nick Griffin set the record straight.

And then, of course, there was THE classic.

It will be as much the arrogance of our opponents, as the hard-work of our own people, that will bring our Party further success.

Enter Simon Woolley of Operation Black Vote. He said on the same programme that he and other black people wanted the British National Party to open up its membership so they could all join and then shut it down.

I would loved to have taken a straw poll of Channel 4 viewers at that very moment as to what they were feeling about this issue.

It's excellent news that we are to fight the Norwich North by-election and that the Reverend Robert West is to be our candidate.

This time last year we fought a very good campaign in the Henley by-election and if we can build up a similar head of steam in Norwich North, we shall be able to record another respectable result.

If anyone can help I know that they will be made very welcome by our people in Norfolk.

And finally a contribution from Pendle BNP.

The Nelson Leader is Pendle's main newspaper and it held a poll on the reaction of people to the election of Nick Griffin as their MEP. Here's the result.

Have a nice day!


Eastmidlands Nationalist said...

Un elected BNP members like Ivan Hammonds have helped Asian constiuents in NW Leicestershire when we have come across problems whilst canvassing. We help anyone we can who have has been failed by lib lab con. Just more anti BNP stories still waiting for the BNP member eats babies story they will print anything to try and stop us but it aint happening

alanorei said...

Excellent news, Martin, thanks

Mr Brown appears to be trying to force a smile at the sight of the poll results.