Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Yorkshire Post blasts the UAF

FIRST and foremost I do not have any control over the Google advertisements that appear on my blog. The book and music ones are all put on by me, but the others are just random.

Some people have been upset by anti-BNP adverts appearing on these pages, but I have no say in the matter.

I'm very busy with Freedom at the moment and wrote a brief report about our county council wins this morning. For reference I dug out a copy of the newspaper from four years ago which reported on our efforts last time around. I thought you might be interested.

When you make a comparison with our 453 candidates across 34 county councils this time around, it shows the incredible progress the British National Party has made.

Here's something from yesterday's Yorkshire Post. Columunist Bernard Dineen lets the UAF thugs have it with both barrels. I have removed the now compulsory anti-BNP platitudes and soundbites from his article to make it acceptable for this blog.

LET'S have an end to the hysteria about the British National Party. They have arrived in the European Parliament thanks to the Labour MPs who turned their backs on the people who sent them to Westminster.

We are told very solemnly that we mustn't be complacent. That's rich, coming from the very people whose complacency and refusal to listen to the public, particularly on immigration, let the BNP in.

In town after town, city after city, traditional Labour voters watched the whole nature of their communities changing without their consent. If they even mentioned their misgivings, they were accused of racism.

The BBC in particular cannot let a day go by without giving the BNP publicity. The police should be ordered to put an immediate halt to the violent attacks on Nick Griffin. One glance at the thugs responsible shows them to be the same old Trotskyite rabble who have infested British politics for a generation: the same gang who used to shout down Denis Healey during Labour's deputy leadership contest.

Their latest stunt is to offer £200 to anyone who throws Indian food at Mr Griffin. Masterminded by the subversive Socialist Workers Party, they cluster around every controversial issue like maggots on rotten meat. They were behind the anti-police campaign after the shooting of the young Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes and they ran the Respect Party which put George Galloway into Parliament until he quarrelled with them. The BNP's success is music to their ears.

You will not see them standing for election because they know the voters have no time for them. So they operate like parasites. Their biggest success was setting up the Anti-Nazi League, which was just a SWP front but managed to fool many well-intentioned people.

Now they see the BNP as their next big chance. By inflicting damage on the Labour Party with their "entryism", they are a bigger menace than the BNP ever could be.


Bert Rustle said...

In the absence of a link to the original article, or annotation to signify additions or ommissions, this post is of the standard format purveyed by the Drive-By Media.

From earlier posts on this blog one might conclude that this was due to prssure of work but to those who have not read these it may appear otherwise.

Lantern said...

Good, it's high time that a media outlet told it as it is instead of referring to these thugs as "protesters". It says something of the establishment and their media's deep hatred of the BNP that they are prepared to side with this modern day sturmabteilung.

lee said...

Why is this Article not on the BNP main website, It's good when positives are shown on there,believe it or not,it is uplifting if you are a British national party supporter, well, when I read things like this makes me feel good anyway.