Saturday, 4 July 2009

The Danger of Europe

IT WAS a pleasure to sit down and have an in-depth conversation with Andrew Brons on Thursday.

We were colleagues as far back as 1979 and last met in 1986 at a time of internal turmoil within the National Front of which we were both members.

Now, twenty-three years later, we renewed contact as I shall be working part-time for him to publicise his work and achievements as an MEP.

Although Andrew hasn't even taken his seat yet, his two visits to Brussels have given him enough of an insight into the nature of the beast to know how dangerous the lure of the lifestyle associated with the European Parliament can be and he warned of this in his Victory Celebration speech in Blackpool.

The classic example of this can be seen from the track record of the 13 UKIP MEPs that took their seats five years ago.

They were all hypnotised by Europe and did nothing while their party back in Britain almost disintegrated.

That's because they didn't use the five years to show their constituents in the regions they represented what they could achieve on their behalf. Instead they just got lost in Brussels (as Bonnie Tyler might have said), immersing themselves completely in the daily business of the European Parliament which had no benefit whatsoever for the people, or their Party, back home.

This mustn't happen to us. We must use the next five years to show the voters of the North West and Yorkshire that when they elect a British National Party representative, things get done FOR THEM. It will be of little interest to the public which way our 2 MEPs voted in the huge 736-strong parliament on issues the majority of which will have no meaning or relevance to the British people.

We have to make sure that our two MEPs use their influence as elected representatives for sixty local authorities across the north of England to benefit people at the community level and that this help is seen to be done.

That's my job and I will be working to make Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons not just household names, but names that wear a badge of honour for representing the interests of the people of their two regions.

My inbox has been full of messages from people offering advice about how to proceed in my position as Communications and Campaigns officer. Every suggestion has had a European theme with many advising me to spend my time communicating with other nationalist groups in Europe to promote closer links.

I'm afraid I don't see it that way at all. The only closer links I want to promote is between Nick and the people of the North West and Andrew and the people of Yorkshire and the Humber.

To me, the label MEP means we now have the authority to raise our game HERE, to help British people with issues that the corrupt old gang parties won't touch for fear of being seen to be politically incorrect.

For us the European Parliament is a means to an end. For the likes of UKIP, it is the end.

Did anyone see the BBC News this morning and the report on university places? A line from a Colin Auty song came to my mind when I was watching it . . . . "where have all the white folk gone."

Brian Parker (left) will be enjoying his Sunday lunch - see below.

Just heard from Alan Harrop in Pendle that two of the "Lancashire Four", Brian Parker and Lee Karmer have had charges against them dropped with regard to distributing leaflets that were deemed to be offensive. That's excellent news - let's hope it's the same for Robin Evans and Tony Bamber.

. . . . and now back to Bonnie Tyler.

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alanorei said...

Reassuring to see this precautionary principle of your appointment in place, Martin, thanks.

If the EP is the end for UKIP (ironic turn of phrase), then the end of Britain's EU involvement must be the 'end game' for the BNP.

The sooner it is played out, the better.