Thursday, 2 July 2009

No rest for the wicked in July

REDCAR: Lynn Payne will be hoping to improve on her 16% in April.

QUITE a few by-elections this month, but the most important one is the Norwich North parliamentary by-election on Thursday July 23rd where the Reverend Robert West is our excellent candidate.

Help is needed in Norwich right away to get the July issue of Freedom delivered to postal voters in the constituency in time for the ballot papers being sent out. It is a vital but time-consuming task so if you can help please email Norwich BNP at

While Norwich North takes pride of place in July, there are some other very interesting by-elections and none more so than the Arbury & Stockingford re-run from last month's county council poll on July 16th.

One of the Tory victors was ineligible to stand, hence it all has to be done again and Martyn Findley will be hoping to improve on his promising 24.4% on June 4th.

The candidates for the electoral division of Warwickshire County Council which is in Nuneaton & Bedworth are:
Alice Field (Liberal Democrat)
Martyn Findley (British National Party)
Steven Gee (Socialist Alternative)
Barry Longden (Labour)
Thomas Wilson (Conservative)
Michael Wright (Green)
June 2009: Con 1637/1582, Lab 1480/1472, BNP 1283, Green 849/692.

On the same day there is another delayed county council election this time in Derbyshire for the Labour stronghold of Kirk Hallom. Back in May 2005 Labour won with 3428 votes beating their sole Tory rival by 1,600 votes.

The candidates this time are:
Mark Bailey (BNP)
Michelle Booth (Lab)
Kevin Miller (Con)
Richard Pyle (Lib-Dem)

A week later there's a Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council by-election in the Reddish North Ward.

Here are the contestants:
Brenda Bates (Ind)
Paul Bennett (BNP) 
Norman Beverley (Lib-Dem)
Gareth Bulter (Con)
Gerald Price (UKIP)
David Wilson (Lab)
MAY 2008: Lab 1341, Con 699, BNP 402, LibDem 321.

On Tuesday evening North West Regional Organiser, Clive Jefferson, attended a meeting in Stockport and reported that after a slow start the campaign was now getting into full swing.

Also on 23rd July is the Dormanstown Ward by-election for Redcar & Cleveland ward. If this sound familiar it's because it was contested on April 2nd when Lynn Payne pushed the Tory candidate into 4th place after securing 16% of the vote.

The candidates are:
Joan Bolton (Con)
Richard Green (Lab)
Eric Howden (Lib-Dem)
Lynn Payne (BNP)
APRIL 2009: Lib-Dem 809, Lab 667, BNP 305, Con 125.

There's also a by-election in Wellingborough on the same day but I can't find any details other than we are taking on the three main parties in Swanspool ward which is a safe Tory seat.

Today we are contesting a by-election in the London Borough of Sutton. Predictions as to our vote range from 3% to 9% but with plenty of the usual negative stories about the BNP in the local media, I would be happy with somewhere in the middle. Peter North is our brave candidate

On July 30th we are defending a 14% majority from 2007 over Labour in Brinsley Ward for Broxtowe Council and are also represented in the Denton North East ward for Tameside Council where Labour is defending a 9% majority over the Conservatives.

I'm off for a meeting in Yorkshire with our MEP team there and then on to see Mark Collett to officially handover Freedom to its new editor.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to everyone concerned. What is it about these Conservative (ineligible to stand today) and Labour (illegal council letter to voters yesterday) miscreants? You would think that they would know and abide by the rules for elections and candidacy! After all, they are not that complicated - even I understand them. Best wishes again to all candidates, who I am certain are all eligible to stand and have abided by all the rules, as is always the BNP way - but not unfortunately the liblabconspiracy way.

alanorei said...

We have Lynn's election address completed and will be delivering it later this month.

The Labour councillor who won the South Bank by-election late last year has died, so it looks like we'll be up for that as well.

Our candidate achieved 16% of the vote last time round.

Both these wards will be very conscious of the potential closure of the local steel works and consequent loss of 2,000 jobs. Neither Labour nor EU membership has helped Britain's industry.