Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The Beeb seeks to muddy the waters

IT'S back into the old routine and I had a good day yesterday clearing quite a bit of the backlog that has built up over the past week.

The Today Programme on BBC Radio 4 was up to its usual mis-information this morning.

Wasn't it interesting that those behind the attempted suicide bombing in Australia were Somali and Lebanese nationals. Is this some new alliance between these two countries seeking to wage war against Australia?

Well, that was the impression the BBC report gave, because there was no mention of the words "Islam" or "Muslims".

This deliberate 'muddying of the waters' by the BBC is a disgrace. The nationality of the would-be bombers is irrelevant. It is what motivated them which is important and that desire to inflict pain and suffering on the people of Australia came from their shared religion and political beliefs - which of course is ISLAM!!

The Beeb know this, but deliberately withhold the information so as not to give Muslims a bad press which could create animosity here in Britain amongst the non-Muslim population.

It's back to clearing my desk today and then to making preparations for the Red, White & Blue Family Festival which takes place the weekend after next.

At the moment, Tina and I are planning on running a tent celebrating the victory of our two MEPs. There we will provide personal commemoration cards, signed by Nick and Andrew, for a nominal fee and the proceeds from these will go to each MEP's 'English Fair' charity account to await distribution to suitable good causes in their regions.

There's been some good publicity generated by our candidate in a forthcoming local council by-election in Blackpool. You can read it all on Clive Jefferson's informative blog here.

And talking of local council by-elections, there don't appear to be any this Thursday.

Those who check out the Comments' Section on this website will see one on yesterday's blog from a nationalist friend from La Rochelle who sends in his thoughts now and again. For our holiday we flew in and out of La Rochelle and what a lovely little airport it is. Hardly any queues and everything done so quickly and efficiently. I would thoroughly recommend it for anyone holidaying in the mid-west of France.


Natioidpatasia said...

When I discovered your today note, I was pleasantly surprised to see a beautiful picture of 'Aéroport La Rochelle-Île de Ré'. Since I am used to travel with the train (more precisely TGV), I don't go often to this area called 'Laleu'. I just know that for recent years our little airport expanded with new amenities.

About 'Islam', did you know that France has at least 8 millions of muslim people, originating mainly from North Africa & Black Africa ? Since the 1990s, France is facing a creeping and growing Islamification. In 1963, France only had 3 mosques (Paris since 1926, Marseille & Lyon). In 2005 France had more than 2.000 mosques (some of them are very big).

Near 'La Rochelle Airport' where you recently landed & took off, there is a popular suburb with many immigrants from North Africa. In this area called 'Mireuil', there is a mosque. Few years ago La Rochelle's town hall (socialist, communist, green) wanted to give a substantial grant of more than 270.000 € so that this mosque can double its surface ! Since it was unlawful with securalism, a local member of 'Front National' lodged a successful complaint and the town hall was convicted. Since the securalism's law of 9th December 1905 still protects France against increasing Islamification, some politicians backed up by Sarkozy want to change this law.

Sorry to say that but I saw that your direct link to Clive Jefferson's blog didn't function normally. I wish good luck to the BNP candidate Les Joy for the next by-election organised on 20th August in Stanley ward in Blackpool. According to the reading of the local gazette, the main issue will be the controversial project of housing development (first 2.700 new houses and 7.000 within 18 years) in a green & wild area. The growing urbanization throughout England is a direct consequence of massive immigration originating from the Third World. Endly, the absence of the UKIP candidate at the community meeting is a very revealing detail.

Martin Wingfield said...

Thanks 'Nat' - link now fixed.

Scarborough_Comet said...

On the subject of airports, La Rochelle sounds similar to London City - easily the best airport in the south of England. The check in, security, boarding and baggage reclaim are all very efficient, and the views of the aircraft from the departure lounge are excellent.

For bad airports look no further than Newcastle and Paris CDG. CDG is a disgrace to say that it is the major airport for Paris (if not France). The best continental airport is Brussels.