Friday, 21 August 2009

Happy with our first effort in Stanley Ward

WELL, I was nearly right with the Stanley Ward by-election in Blackpool yesterday.

We did push UKIP very close for 4th place but just failed to top the 10% vote share. Still I'm happy with that, 9.7% with our first effort in the ward and despite two anti-BNP leaflets delivered to all homes in the last week.

Here's the full result.

Blackpool Borough Council
Stanley Ward
Thursday 20th August 2009
Jean Kendrick (Con) 648
John Jones (Lab) 602
Michael Hodkinson (Lib-Dem) 332
Colin Porter (UKIP) 203
Les Joy (BNP) 192
BNP Percentage: 9.7%

Great story on Walesonline this morning. You can read it here.

Oh dear, our opponents don't like it when the British National Party is treated as an ordinary, LEGAL, political party. They like it even less when the public, in this case at the Vale of Glamorgan Show, can see the BNP as it really is and not how our opponents and a hostile media like to portray us.

Full marks to our Vale of Glamorgan team, see below taking a well-earned from their endeavours.

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rerevisionist said...

Related topic: the Telegraph had a piece on the Chuef Constable of Derbyshire 'pleading' with the Home Offcie to pay the policing bill the 'UAF' ran up at Codnor.

However, the piece sems to have been pulled! Yesterday I submitted an email to the BNP website, saying in effect I was delighted by his action - after all, the government pays for these thugs to go out, so why not pay for the policing too? But as I say the piece seems to have been withdrawn.