Tuesday, 25 August 2009

I'm in the BNP for the politics

PEOPLE have expressed their disappointment that I didn't condemn those people exposed in Sunday's News of the World.

I think yesterday's post explains why.

If you put 3,000 members and supporters of the Labour Party or the Tories in a field for four days with plenty of alcohol to hand and then sent in a reporter to find stories to denigrate them, they would come up with a lot worse than we saw in the NotW on Sunday.

My feeling is that it's not the people, but the event itself that leaves us vulnerable.

It provides our opponents with an open net in which to score goals against us. It's a no win situation for us and as the event gets bigger each year, the cost rises as well, so I certainly don't think the Party makes any money out of it any more.

I expect you can see where this is going.

I know I'm a miserable bugger. I don't stay for the RWB entertainment - when it's allowed - but go back to my hotel when the day's work is done. I don't hang around after the AGM for the evening get-together but speed back home to Cumbria.

I'm in the British National Party for the politics, not for the socialising.

If you thought that jobs were in short supply in Britain, apparently you would be mistaken. Recruitment companies in the Philipines have launched a campaign to find 150,000 qualified applicants for jobs in the United Kingdom.

Apparently Britain needs Filipino scientists, environmental specialists, information technology and telecommunication workers, and social carers. We are also desperate for Filiponos working in marketing and public relations, Filipono teachers and Filipino nurses.

According to a newspaper there these job opportunities are made possible through the new points-based system. It claims:

"UK’s immigration points-based scheme allows all qualified applicants to enter the UK under a managed immigration program with a five Tier system for all overseas nationals seeking to enter or remain in that country. These professionals may also be permitted to establish a business, invest or be self-employed."

And I thought we were in the midst of a recession and that three million Britons were out of work!

And finally, election observers in Afghanistan have said there was widespread voting fraud and intimidation during the presidential election last Thursday.

"Stuffed ballot boxes, illiterate voters being told who to vote for and biased officials were cited by Afghanistan's Free and Fair Election Foundation while EU monitors confirmed that there was widespread intimidation and violence."

So this is what more than 200 British soldiers have lost their lives for . . . so a charade like this can take place.

It is madness - bring our troops home now.


Natioidpatasia said...

Philippines archipelago is one of the poorest asian countries.

So all these high qualified filipinos are more useful in their country and not in UK or another european nation. If these filipino people can enter & then work in United Kingdom, the high unemployment will consequently increase.

Numerous qualified filipinos are currently working in Middle-East (arabic peninsula), in Malaysia or Brunei.

Widespread voting fraud, violence & intimidation aren't a surprising phenomenom in Afghanistan.

Since Sarkozy considers politically closer to Tony Blair or Gordon Brown than Angela Merkel or Silvio berlusconi, he supports 'chosen immigration', 'affirmative action' and increase of the number of french soldiers in Afghanistan. Unlike Jacques Chirac, Sarkozy supports US and Israel foreign politics. That's why he decided that France must officially reintegrate to NATO in April 2009.

Germania said...

Spot on Martin,i believe this to be the correct response to what happened to the incident reported by NOTW,and believe your views should counter balance those on the BNP website already.Whilst not condoning what happened i don't think we should sledgehammer a nut,i think at least the people involved should be able to give their side and be able to apologise and that's the end of it.

Scarborough_Comet said...

Filipinos also take the jobs on P&O Ferries - the "recruitment" page on their website is blank, and one trip on those ghastly boats will show you why - the staff are recruited abroad, it's hardly a coincidence that all the applicants for P&O jobs are Filipinos is it?

After enduring 15 hours on one of those horrid boats from Hull to Zeebrugge last year I can only say that it is much better to fly - even if you don't like planes at least you don't put money into a company which prefers to recruit foreigners rather than British people!

rerevisionist said...

Interesting remark that you might have got more money if you'd continued with the court case. I presume from the 'newspaper''s viewpoint, the amount you received was peanuts. The legal system is such a shambles inside knowledge is needed to work it; it's not far-fetched to regard laywers as a sort of tribe, not that different from Muslims and Jews.