Monday, 28 September 2009

If it`s Monday it must be Brussels

I´m sitting in Nick´s supplementary office in the European Parliament while Tina and Eddy Butler are going through Nick´s mail.

There was a special present for both our MEPs this morning - a book each celebrating the 50 years of the European Parliament. It is a very impressive publication and you just wonder how much it would cost to produce. Taxpayers´ money used to promote the very beast that is consuming their contributions - what a scandal. There also a newspaper reporting on the European Parliament. It`s like another world once you get through the security.

Yesterday there was a day long Advisory Council meeting where all the resolutions for the AGM were chosen. There was also detailed discussion with regard to the change in our constitution being forced on us by the Equalities Commission. This too will be put before conference.

After the meeting we headed for Dover and a channel crossing. It was early morning before we arrived at our Brussels hotel and now we have a full day of appointments.

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