Thursday, 8 October 2009

Penrith by-election

JUST back from the early morning shift in Penrith.

I did about three an a half hours from seven this morning, mixing and matching targeted leafleting to our 'yes' voters and telling on one of the polling stations.

Back in June at the county council elections our vote in Penrith West was 8%.

I know the North West Regional Organiser Clive Jefferson is hoping for around 12% this time, and according to my returns this morning, we are bang on that mark. Four definite BNP votes out of the 33 voters who registered their preference.

Clive and Alistair Barbour have worked incredibly hard in this election and I hope their efforts pay off.

Here's Clive after he took over from me this morning with a very friendly Lib-Dem and a Tory who never stopped talking. So much for the Old Gang's policy of sending BNP campaigners to Coventry.

The candidates are:

Penrith West Ward
Thursday 8th October 2009.
Alaistair BARBOUR (British National Party)
Alan MARSDEN (Green Party)
Elissa ROBINSON (Liberal Democrats)
Geoffrey ROCKLIFFE-KING (The Labour Party Candidate)
Rebecca TAYLOR (Independent)
David WHIPP (Conservative Party)


KenDee said...

Good result 13.6% and beat liebour.

pdqprint said...

14%. Better than expected?

Penrith result here -