Friday, 19 October 2007

Closing in on Labour in Derbyshire

And so the Quiet Revolution continues apace.

Throughout the four weeks of the Church Gresley by-election campaign, the media has been full of news of Labour and the Tories. Hours of detailed discussion on their policies and the personalities that lead them. You would have thought with all this focus on the two parties, and the fact that just the two of them contested the last election for the South Derbyshire seat, that Church Gresley would have been a two horse race. The BNP, which doesn't get a mention in the media unless it's a smear story, shouldn't have had a look in!

But this was last night's result.
South Derbyshire Council
Church Gresley Ward
Thursday 18th October 2007
Gordon Rhind (Lab) 639
Richard Fallows (BNP) 516
Beatrice Eaton (Con) 304
BNP Percentage: 35.4%

The Labour vote was down 24% and the Tories down 12% from what it was just four months ago.

Now that's quite an incredible result for the BNP in a ward never fought before and it maintains a run of excellent election results for the Party since the May 2007 local elections. Something is shifting in British politics, it might be slow but it's sure and it is being built on firm foundations.

I call it the Quiet Revolution because it is being deliberately ignored by the media for fear of fanning the flames of our progress. As I have mentioned in previous postings, our opponents are petrified of the BNP Bounce. But this 'head in the sand' media approach suits us at the moment. The British National Party is still laying foundations in many parts of the country, built by strong and dedicated activists who have seen through the anti-BNP propaganda and joined our campaign. These are people who really care about our country whether to do so is fashionable or not. Once the BNP gets promoted in the media, and becomes 'fashionable', we will be swamped by the opportunists and careerists who are only interested in what the BNP can do for them and not what they can do for the BNP.

One of those strong and dedicated activists is Wayne McDermott who organised the Church Gresley campaign. When I heard the result late last night I was elated, 'What a great performance', I thought. But not our Wayne. He was disappointed we hadn't won.

"We had them worried," he told me in the early hours. "If the Lib-Dem candidate that was selected to stand had actually stood, then maybe we would have won. If we had managed to complete all our canvassing, we might have won."

Always striving to win and never being satisfied with second best is a new motivation that is prevalent amongst a growing number of our election campaigners. It's a great attitude to have but even these young turks must acknowledge a good second place when it comes along, and Wayne was grudgingly able to do this.

"Still three sweeps, a lot of interest on the doorstep and quite a few new members will help us build on this. It's another ward to add to the growing list of seats where we are the only real alterative to Labour," he said.

I'm still getting a lot of stick over my remarks concerning Andrew Green of Migrationwatch. In a previous posting I called him a Government safety valve and included him in the Fab Four of Government safety valves along with John Gaunt, Richard Littlejohn and Peter Hitchens. Well I'm afraid I stand by my comments. On Wednesday he was trotted out again on all TV channels to offer his thoughts on the consequences of immigration. Lots of useful quotes from him but what has he actually done to further the cause of those campaigning to stop the immigration that he sees as so detrimental to this country? As the Capital One credit card advertisement says "A big fat nothing". Once he has said his bit, that's it - end of story. But if Andrew Green wasn't there, then Nick Griffin might have been invited on the programmes and he could have told viewers what the British National Party would do about immigration and provide the public with an opportunity to stop what Green is so critical of.

I'm delighted to report that there was a successful day of action in Kendal yesterday, organised by another one of our strong and dedicated activists, Clive Jefferson. 400 leaflets handed out and 40 copies of Freedom sold in the high street of a south Cumbrian town which has never seen the BNP before. You can read a full report on Clive Jefferson's blog at

Interesting piece from John Harris in The Guardian this morning. He is worried that the Labour Party is too concerned with those 100 marginal seats in Middle England that will decide the next election and ignoring its traditional heartland. He writes:

"When the election finally arrives, beware. Given its talent for issuing leaflets that read more like Socialist Worker than Mein Kampf, the British National Party is making hay with the issue of casual labour, as I was recently reminded while reading The Triumph of the Political Class, a new book by the Daily Mail columnist Peter Oborne. An elegant tirade against a cross-party cabal either in thrall to vested interests or so lost in the woods of electoral arithmetic that the stuff of real lives scares them, one of its most sobering sections deals with the rise of the BNP "in Barking, Dagenham, Dewsbury, Leeds and Burnley" and its place in what he sees as an "insurgency against the political class".

There should be an advert for Peter Oborne's book on this page if anyone is interested.

And finally to Tony Blair. In a speech in New York last night he likened the growth of Islamic extremism to the growth of fascism in the 1930's. In fact that was the main theme of the speech. Now that's going to upset both the Labour Party and the Trade Unions who have spent a lot of money setting up an organisation called 'Unite Against Fascism (UAF)' to try to stem the growth of the BNP. If Blair's analogy takes hold within people's minds then UAF will be thought of as a group that campaigns against Islamic Extremism rather than the BNP. Now that might muddy the waters come election time!


Red and White said...

I'm no expert on Migration Watch , I've just perused through its site a few times and I actually think it serves a purpose. Don't you feel that by presenting some of the truth without the stigma of BNP affiliation that politicians throw around, it could raise the awareness of people who could then thnk about it more clearly?

By the way, thanks for allowing comments. I understand why some BNP bloggers cannot allow comments but it's good to have one place that does.

Yesterday over one hundred people died in Pakistan in a suspected Al Queda attack. No doubt our own government will take the time to rremind us yet again that Islam is a religion of peace.

alanorei said...

Excellent result in Derbyshire. Not long ago, 15-20% of the vote was reckoned as outstanding for the Party. Now, 25-35% of the vote is not unusual.

Moreover, we can now identify a minimum of 6 groups with distinct but related roles that are definitely established (albeit some more than others) as the British Resistance. Inspection of them reveals that they are addressing a range of key areas and gathering momentum and some, especially the BNP, are having a noticeable effect already: They also have support from overseas, especially the old Dominions*.

1. ABEX - addressing the needs of forces personnel
2. BNP - addressing the need to win back political power
3. CCB - addressing the restoration of the British church
4. CIVIL LIBERTY - addressing legal defence matters
5. SOLIDARITY - addressing British jobs for British workers
6. UK COLUMN - addressing EU infiltration by the Common(UNIST) Purpose '5th column' and raising anti-EU awareness, along with related groups, e.g. CIB, EuroFaq, Freedom Association etc.

The Lion is awakening, *as are the young lions.