Thursday, 18 October 2007

Media silent on Government thugs

When Robert Mugabe's Government thugs stopped supporters of Morgan Tsvangirai, the opposition leader in Zimbabwe from attending a political rally, the media in this country were up in arms. "Democracy under attack" ran all the headlines. There was also an outcry that the police had stood around and done nothing to stop the intimidation.

When Gordon Brown's Government thugs stopped supporters of Nick Griffin attending a British National Party meeting near Broxtowe in Nottinghamshire, the media in this country apparently couldn't care less. Not one national newspaper or television outlet reported this attack on democracy in our own country and no one seemed worried that the police had stood around and done nothing to stop the intimidation.

Thankfully the British National Party has its own media outlets and a report of the disgraceful scenes outside Kimberley Town Hall can be viewed on the BNP website. Also visit the website of Simon Darby, the Deputy Leader of the British National Party, who has posted a telephone conversation with Nick Griffin and Sadie Graham received just after they had got out of the besieged hall.

My gripe is not with those pathetic Labour Party thugs for trying to stop residents of Kimberley listening to the BNP leader and their local BNP councillors. By resorting to such tactics they are as good as admitting defeat. The British people won't tolerate such bullying and the more they use confrontation and violence to stop the message of the BNP being heard the more the British people will want to hear what we have to say. And my gripe is not with the police, no doubt acting under the orders of a politically correct senior officer who knows he will be out of a job once there's a return to proper policing.

No, my gripe is with the media and those editor's and journalists who are deliberately doctoring the news for their own political ends. The treatment the BNP receives at the hands of these individuals is a disgrace. What especially disappoints me is that in this profession there doesn't seem to be a single fair-minded editor or journalist prepared to stand up and say that this orchestrated vilification of the BNP is wrong and the fact that it is allowed to take place serves to undermine democracy in this country.

Yesterday I listened to a member of the NUJ bemoaning the fact that 300 journalists working for BBC News programmes will lose their jobs. He admitted that the actual reporting of news as it happens and as it is delivered by programmes like BBC News 24 won't be affected, but the more detailed and in-depth analysis of news items will suffer. I expect he is talking about reports such as last week's £250,000 giro fraud court case. When the story broke, 'instant' news informed us that the culprits were 'four African asylum seekers'. But by the time the report had made its way on to the BBC News Ceefax pages, 'African asylum seekers' had been removed - probably by one of those NUJ toads whose job is now under threat. I'm afraid I won't be shedding any tears over these particular job losses.

As predicted, they were queuing up yesterday to condemn Dr James Watson, the Nobel prize-winning scientist. Pressure from 'equality campaigners' ensured that his 'sold-out' lecture at the London's Science Museum was cancelled, and his visit to the UK now looks in doubt. The fact that this fellow co-discovered DNA doesn't seem to matter any more. He is now beyond redemption just because he dared to suggest that Africans and Europeans might not share the same brain power.

Nick Griffin's invitation to address the Oxford Union has ruffled feathers in that university city. The BNP leader is taken to task by a columnist in the Oxford Mail who writes:
"Nick Griffin, the largely despised leader of the British National Party, has caused a rumpus - again - by being invited to speak at the Oxford Union next month." So it is the BNP leader who is to blame for receiving an invitation issued by the Oxford Union! What did he do - hold a gun to the head of the Union's president? But the columnist does interestingly reveal that Andrew Smith, the Labour MP for Oxford East, was so worried that Nick Griffin might be allowed to address students uncensored that he wrote to the Parliamentary Labour Party urging them to lobby the student debating body and force a change of heart.

And that is something that should boost every BNP supporter in the country. Labour - the Government Party - in such a state of fright over students being able to hear the British National Party message, that they are forced to lobby the Oxford Union to get the event cancelled.


thatguy said...

What Dr Watson actually said was that Africans' intelligence may not be not the "same" as ours. That is an interesting question and one to which any rational human being would like to know the answer

Red and White said...

I think your middle paragraph is a cogent summary of our situation. The police have a dilemma: do their job properly and face the music, or succumb to the masses who need someone or something to demonise so they can tell themselves what mighty moral ground they stand on.

Heck, it's a whole lot easier than facing the truth.