Friday, 12 October 2007

Labour demolition in Horsham

Brave Donna Bailey. Brian Allan opens the BNP meeting in Carlisle last night.

Congratulations to Donna Bailey and Horsham & Crawley BNP on an excellent result in the Holbrook West By-Election last night.
Full Result:
Belinda Walters (Lib-Dem) 602
Ronald Wimpany (Con) 554
Donna Bailey (BNP) 163
Raymond Chapman (Lab) 52
Turnout 32.2%
BNP Percentage 11.9%

It was the first time the BNP had contested the ward which last night became a Lib-Dem gain from the Tories. What was especially pleasing for the hard-working BNP team, was their comprehensive demolition of Labour. Its candidate devoted the whole of his campaign to attacking the BNP and even held an anti-BNP rally in the ward last Saturday.

Last night I attended a very good meeting in Carlisle. A city centre pub gave over its public bar to the local BNP and an attendance of over 40 made sure that it was a worthwhile exercise for the landlord.

The May elections quite rightly dominated the proceedings and it was very encouraging to hear that campaigns are already underway in the key wards. Last May saw the BNP fight elections for Carlisle City Council for the first time and the results were quite impressive in the six wards contested:
Currock 24%
Botcherby 18%
Harraby 15%
St Aidans 14%
Upperby 12%
Belah 5%

Organiser Brian Allan, who stood in Currock and pushed the Tories into 3rd place, is working hard in his ward to overturn a 262 Labour majority, and both Karl Chappell and Tony Carvell are quietly confident of improving their share of the vote in Botcherby and St Aidans respectively. What was rewarding for me was to see the development of the personnel running the branch. I've known them all for around 18 months now and in that time they have acquired the knowledge of what is expected of them as branch officials and conduct their business in an assured and professional manner.

Daniel Finkelstein writing in the Jewish Chronicle informs us that he got himself into a bit of trouble with 10 Downing Street last week for some posts on his blog about Gordon Brown's speech to the Labour Party conference and the British National Party. Daniel expands on this to his JC readers:

"Brown said he was in favour of 'British Jobs for British Workers'. Rather naughtily, I fished out a British National Party leaflet, created in August, with exactly this slogan and allowed readers to play spot the difference. That was when the phone rang. The problem, an aggrieved adviser informed me, is that I was implying that Mr Brown had copied the words from the BNP. He had done nothing of the sort, I was told. This was a phrase the Prime Minister had used, for instance, in June, weeks before the leaflet was printed. “So you want me to point out,” I asked, trying to suppress my, erm, mild surprise, “that they copied you rather than the other way round?” Apparently, the answer was yes."

It's just further evidence confirming the contempt that Gordon Brown feels for the British people. Thankfully there are a growing number of journalists within the establishment media that will take umbrage at being treated with such disdain. For the record, I have edited over 200 editions of a variety of nationalist newspapers and have used British Jobs for British Workers as a front page headline on at least half-a-dozen issues with probably the first occasion being the launch issue of The Flag in July 1986. Maybe Daniel could mention this the next time Downing Street calls.

Nick Griffin's invitation to a debate at the Oxford Union gets widespread coverage in this morning's newspapers. I see that The Guardian called upon the services of one Duncan Money, a second-year student at the university, to condemn the Oxford Union which he considers "has chosen to promote and legitimise fascism." Now, I do know Duncan, and he really is a strange fish. He was campaigning against my wife Tina and I in Maryport at the local elections in May, and when we held a paper sale in the town, he turned up. At one time during an exchange of views, Duncan spoke for ten minutes without drawing breath on the history of the BNP. It was quite an incredible delivery and left us somewhat speechless. It was as though he had digested the contents of the last 20 years of Searchlight magazine and was able to regurgitate its stories at the push of a button. Second year student? I bet I know what he's studying . . . the history of British Nationalism!

Finally I'm hoping for the result of the Burnley by-election recount today. It's three weeks today that the votes were examined again by court officials and I'm certain this is time enough for justice to be done.


Duncan Money said...

Charming as ever I see Martin.

I bet I know what he's studying . . . the history of British Nationalism!

I'd like to take you up on that bet actually, call it a fiver?

I would have thought a journalist like yourself wouldn't make so many sweeping assumptions in such a short paragraph. Doesn't say much for the quality of your research.

It's the history of the Roman Empire I'm studying so it looks like I win the bet.

I'll claim my fiver the next time I see you.

Anyway, though I've never actually read Searchlight, I do know a bit about the history of your murky little party as you discovered.

I'm glad you mentioned the stall in question, it illustrates a little theory of mine about the current state of your party.

See a mate of mine, apolitical, looked over your stall and your wife Tina assured him repeatedly, when he voiced his concerns, that the BNP were 'just like Old Labour'.

So you can imagine my surprise when talking to a couple of BNP sympathisers outside the Crown & Anchor in Whitehaven, at the failed public meeting, who informed me that they had been repeatedly told the BNP was a Thatcherite party!

That's spin that would make Alistair Campbell blush and pretending to be all things to all people can't go on forever you know.

Also, I believe the July members bulletin banned BNP members, or units, from running blogs that used the party name yet here you are with your own blog.

One law for them, another for you eh?

Jonathan Wood said...
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Aberdeen Patriot said...

Duncan, My friend is far more qualified than you especially in Roman studies.
Have a look at his website.

This man is a scholar and educated far above my level, but I am now glad to call him a friend. Guy Leven-Torres MA(Hons) FSEFA he is married to a coloured lady and they both support the BNP/Ukip/and other anti EU groups. They unlike you have an open mind and are able to make their own informed decisions rather than as Martin rightly pointed out regurgitate searchlight Marxist bile.
Duncan I don’t think that deep down you are a hateful person, I think you just need to appreciate that the modern BNP, consists of people who love our country. We do not hate anyone else, we just love our country first and foremost.
I can only ask you as a second year student to keep your mind open, hear what we are saying with an open mind, then make a decision. First I would urge you to have a good look through the above website.
I would say that most BNP members nowadays would have backed your view of the BNP if it was made 10 years ago. Yes the odd scrotum still hangs on but not to the liking of 99% of the membership, this will change.
I am ex services, an ex prison officer. I am now classed as disabled even although I spent all my life as a top level sportsman, My 3 year old daughter has learning difficulties, and I have a gay nephew who is a doctor.
So by searchlights reasoning me and my daughter will be gassed, and my nephew shot. But I know that this is just utter rubbish and I am not even that well educated, so for someone at University to believe this, really says a lot about how gullible that person must be.
Also Martin have a look at this chaps website he would be happy to hear from you and he is willing to speak at BNP meetings. He was an ex UKIP Speaker/ member who seen how much the party was lying to the electorate, so now he is happy to support the BNP without joining.
So Duncan if you can not be more reasoned in your assessment of the BNP, I suggest you find another hobby, there are some good sports teams at university. At the moment you are stuck in a pre 1995 time warp. Catch up mate to what the new BNP really is.

The Labour and Conservative party have that’s why they are pinching our policies.

alfredthegreat878 said...

"It's the history of the Roman Empire I'm studying so it looks like I win the bet"

Maybe by the end of your course you will realise the folly of allowing dangerous and fast reproducing aliens to overrun whole areas of this country.

As the "cleric" at Green Lane Mosque put it: "Kuffars will be killed - not justly".

And that applies equally to useful idiot Kuffars who think he didn't mean it, and that it means something else if you put it in "context".