Friday, 23 November 2007


Apologies, apologies.

There have been no postings because it has been a nightmare week.

I was already under pressure to finish Freedom because it had to be at the printers a week earlier than usual to compensate for Christmas, and then on top of that I've been down with flu since Monday afternoon.

I think as you get older these things take their toll more and I've really struggled just to get to the office to complete the newspaper. In fact on Tuesday I was in the depth of despair as I thought it just wouldn't be done, but then things came together and yesterday it was sent to the printers with half-an-hour to spare. If I had missed our print slot then it would have been a couple of days before it could be rescheduled and that would have had a knock-on effect with delivery.

Still, it's all done and I must thank my wife Tina ,who sub-edits as well as proof reads the paper and that was doubly helpful when you are feeling below par. All being well I shall upload last month's Freedom to the BNP website over the weekend and post a couple of stories and the front page of the new issue. You will be able to see this as

Back to bed now in the hope of feeling better tomorrow. Workington Reds are way down at Nuneaton tomorrow for the FA Trophy competition, so it will be a day in the warm listening the BBC Radio Cumbria's excellent Saturday Sport commentary. Now, who says I never say anything complimentary about the BBC?

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alanorei said...

Well done, Martin (and Tina)

Have a good w/e. Hope you are better soon.