Monday, 19 November 2007

The BNP Conference in Blackpool

It was an excellent conference in Blackpool over the weekend. I was working on Freedom during Friday and Saturday and only made it down the M6 for Sunday's proceedings, but from the feedback I received there the whole weekend was a huge success.

The debates yesterday were very constructive and the contributions from delegates top-notch. What a difference it makes in ensuring that all those attending must have been to at least a couple of education and training seminars. This stipulation has clearly raised the quality of debate which accordingly makes the subject under discussion more interesting and provides a more informative platform from which Conference can make its decision.

Nick Griffin's closing speech was one of his best. He brought together a number of the themes that Freedom has concentrated on this year - peak oil, the credit crisis, erosion of personal comfort zones and the BNP's own quiet revolution. It was an address that painted a pretty bleak picture of what the country faces over the next few years. He likened the current mindset of the British people to those enjoying a party night out in a Limousine with darkened windows. Inside it was warm and cosy, the music was playing and the champagne was being drunk, but they were oblivious to what was going on outside and leaving everything in the hands of the chauffeur who was in fact driving them towards the edge of a cliff.

Nick said that the days of cheap and easy personal borrowing were over and that the credit crisis in America was about to hit Britain doubly hard. He predicted that our country's middle class would bear the brunt of this with record home repossessions, rising unemployment as our service industries crashed and oil shortages bringing industry and transport to a standstill. It sounded all doom and gloom but the BNP chairman said that this was the sort of economic climate that focused people's minds on politics. They would have their eyes finally opened to what a disaster Labour and the Tories' global policies had been for Britain and that only nationalism could secure a viable future for the British people.

It was a great speech which received the customary standing ovation. There was also a standing ovation for Nick Cass, Frank Atack, Colin Auty, David Exley and Roger Roberts, the brave BNP councillors and members from Dewsbury who have been targeted by a Muslim terrorist gang. And there was another standing ovation for two more brave individuals - the owners of the New Kimberley Hotel on Blackpool sea front. The husband and wife team had been victimised by Labour Party councillors and trade union bosses as well as being intimidated by Labour Party thugs, all in an effort to get them to cancel the BNP's Conference booking. But the brave couple stood firm and they provided the delegates of our Party with a superb three days.

Sadly, it will probably be our last time at the New Kimberley unless more space can be found as the meeting hall was full to capacity with many delegates left standing at the back and some even listening to the Conference speeches from an annexe. Full marks to Sadie Graham for all her organisation in making the weekend such a great success and to Mark Collett whose Conference brochure and publicity materials were top class, giving the British National Party the professional image that it needs to make the breakthrough into mainstream politics..

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alanorei said...

Martin, many thanks for this excellent report.

Re: Nick's speech, as one of our activists has said up here, "It's only when something happens..."

If/when this country does undergo a precipitate economic downturn, it may well experience a form of voluntary ethnic self-cleansing.

A lot of incomers and British-born minority members, and possibly some establishment members, may suddenly decide they don't want to be 'British' anymore (no more free housing, preferential lucrative employment, state-benefit handouts etc.):

"They shall turn every one to his people, and they shall flee every one to his own land" Jeremiah 50:16b

i.e. Africa, Asia, the Mid East, the Far East, Eastern/Southern Europe etc.

Admittedly a bit out of context but potentially applicable in a practical sense, nevertheless.

It won't be easy for ordinary Brits but it may see a British revival to boost the British Revolution.

And it will then be time for the Party to shine, as I'm sure it will.