Friday, 21 December 2007

The Quiet Revolution continues in Benfleet and Shepshed

In the last round of local elections before the Christmas holidays, the British National Party's Quiet Revolution continued apace in Essex and Leicestershire.

The Results:

Castle Point Council
St Mary's Ward
Thursday 20th December 2007
(2 seats)
Alf Partridge (Con) 509
Brian Wilson (Lab) 480
Mark Howard (Con) 461
Tony Wright (Lab) 456
Peter Barber (BNP) 253
John Morgan (BNP) 234
BNP Party Percentage: 20.4%

Shepshed Town Council
East Ward
Thursday 20th December 2007
(2 seats)
Stephen Londsborough (Lab) 275
Richard Tabberer (Lab) 259
Sarah Fall (Lib-Dem) 193
Colin Chapman (Con) 187
Julia Green (BNP) 183
Martin Foster (BNP) 173

James Nasmyth (Lib-Dem) 155
BNP Party Percentage: 22.1%

In St Mary's Ward last May it was just a straight fight between the Tories and Labour, with the winning Conservative candidate polling 1129 to her opponent's 524. This time the Tory vote collapsed, the Labour vote held firm and the BNP came from nowhere to take 20% of the votes cast.

In East Ward, Labour gained two seats from the Tories and the BNP pushed the Lib-Dems into 4th place on Party percentages.

These are two excellent results to finish off a very good year for the British National Party.

Less than a week before Christmas and with a desperately low voter turnout, the BNP has managed to complete with the campaigns of the three main parties and secured a share of the vote which shows we have significant support in these two areas.

And voters in Benfleet and Shepshed didn't just get leaflets from the candidates contesting the election, they also received another leaflet from a 'Third Party' funded by the Labour Party and TUC which specifically told them not to vote for the British National Party.

For the past month, voters in Benfleet and Shepshed have seen Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat politicians on their television screens, they have constantly read about the three main parties in the national and local newspapers.

There has been no mention of the BNP, apart from negative publicity. That's because the National Union of Journalists has issued guidelines to its members instructing them not to report on the British National Party unless it shows the Party in an unfavourable light.

Yet despite all this, on a freezing Thursday just before Christmas, one-in-five voters went to polls and registered their support for a political party that never receives favourable media coverage and which they had been told not to vote for.

It is quite incredible and it's what we call "The BNP's Quiet Revolution".

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Cumbrian said...

Surely the union have a code of conduct they have to stick to?

Could this be illegal?

Just like some Parish COuncils, not political but hey some most definately are.