Friday, 4 January 2008

The Quiet Revolution moves to Welwyn and Hatfield

WITH 2008 just three days old the British National Party’s Quiet Revolution in local council elections was carrying on from where it left off last year.
In the two final council elections of 2007, BNP candidates polled over 20% in Essex and Leicestershire. Last night the BNP’s Quiet Revolution moved to Welwyn and Hatfield where British National Party candidate Mark Fuller polled 16.2% of the vote and pushed the Labour candidate into fourth place.

The full result was:
Welwyn Hatfield DC
Welham Green Ward
Thursday 3rd January 2008
Doug Berry (Con) 539
John Elvey (Lib-Dems) 484
Mark Fuller (BNP) 214
Bridie Croft (Lab) 88
British National Party Percentage 16.2%

Last time the ward was fought the Conservatives won with 707 votes from Labour with 198 and the Lib-Dems with 156.

It was the first time the British National Party had fought any wards in the district and the result was a brilliant debut in local politics. Welham Green is a small rural and town ward with a majority middle class population and hasn’t experienced the tensions caused by heavy immigration that Hatfield itself has experienced over the past two years.
The turnout was an incredible 46.6%, almost unbelievable considering the time of year and shocking weather forecasts. The increase was no doubt due to the Lib-Dem surge and 214 voters getting their first ever chance to vote for a local BNP candidate.

Well done to Mark Fuller and his team.

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Black Rat said...

A useful website to tell activists of forthcoming by-elections. Remember, it is often for two local residents to call for these elections, rather than for people to rely on the council to stage these elections