Friday, 14 March 2008

A plug for searching on Google

There were a couple of promising election results from Middlesbrough last night which can be found on the main website. In my 32 years involved in British nationalism, I can't remember there being any local elections fought in that town so to poll over 10% in two-by-elections held on the same day as a very first effort should make our two candidates and their helpers brim with pride.

My BNP Google search yesterday came up with a play being performed in Huddersfield. Apparently it deals with the many faces of that Yorkshire town.

There’s a woman police officer dealing with sexist colleagues.

The young Polish immigrant, who speaks broken English and has swapped professional work in her own country for physical labour in Britain.

The Jamaican woman, who defends the town to the hilt.

The female vicar who tries hard to bring people together from her town centre church.

The mixed-race rent boy and an elderly Cockney who votes for the British National Party because he feels his way of life is under threat.

The BNP supporter had, of course, to be portrayed as an outsider - it would be non-PC to have had someone actually from Huddersfield itself, appalled at the changes taking place in their town, and voting for the BNP.

I found it strange that there were no Muslims portrayed in the play - but on reflection I don't think they would have wanted to be involved with female vicars and policewomen and certainly not mixed-race rent boys. Maybe they were offered a slot and politely declined.

I hope the people of Huddersfield enjoy the offering.

I know I promised not to mention the 'Gang of Four' but I've been told that I have been branded a 'Nick Griffin Yes Man' in their latest bulletin. I can put up with all the attacks possible from our political opponents, but I do confess to being upset when attacked by former colleagues.

'A Nick Griffin Yes Man?' I suggest they Google 'Martin Wingfield' and educate themselves with a little bit of nationalist history.
I stand by Nick Griffin today because he is by far the best man for the job and the only possible leader of the British National Party. There is no other nationalist within a million miles of him politically.

On the football front, the demise of Scottish Premier League club Gretna, could have a devastating effect on Workington Reds. Our manager, Darren Edmondson was employed by the club as a Football in the Community officer but now with no one being paid, I presume that position is no longer in existence. I only hope it doesn't affect Darren's position at Borough Park where he is of course only on part-time terms.

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