Sunday, 16 March 2008

Spring is in the air

IT'S A LOVELY day in West Cumbria and my general feeling of well-being has been helped by a vital point for Workington Reds against Hinckley United yesterday afternoon. The 1-1 draw maintains our position 10 points clear of the relegation zone with three games in hand and a far superior goal difference. It was a difficult afternoon with the visitors taking the lead against the run of play just before half time and we had to wait till five minutes before the end for Reedo (Michael Reed on as a sub) to level matters. The 370 crowd was better than on Tuesday night, but still a long way short of providing the much needed breaking even income.

My colleague Keith Thompson from Southend BNP responded to my report on our efforts in the Harrow by-election on Thursday. He wrote:

"I saw your article re the Harrow by-Election on the BNP website. I have a special interest in Harrow since I lived their for many years. I joined Union Movement in about 1961 as they had a branch. We fought lots of elections. Then came the NF period. They did even better. Of course the borough was getting darker by the day and we used to campaign with the slogan "Don't let Harrow become another Southall". Well, it certainly is now.

"I still go there from time to time and one hardly sees a white face. Neverthe less it is wonderful to see that some activity continues - and all these votes will help push up the British National Party's percentage in the GLA."

Keith also reported that he thinks that Southend BNP might be able to contest sixteen wards in the town in May. That is a brilliant achievement if it is the case, and a fine example to every other branch in the country.

It is now two weeks since we came back from our super holiday in Austria and I know now that I must let go of those wonderful memories for another year. Here's a website for that great little village just 30 minutes from Innsbruck.

I'm off for a walk along the prom to take in that first whiff of spring in the air, but will be back to see Richard Barnbrook on the London Politics Show at 2.00pm.

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