Thursday, 24 April 2008

Anti-BNP brigade out of touch with the public

THE theme of recent postings continues today - I believe our opponents in the media are in fact helping our election campaign with their supposed attacks on our Party.

They are unwittingly boosting support for the British National Party with the very reports they are placing in the newspapers which are meant to deter the public from voting for us.

There's a classic in today's Epping Forest Guardian which just goes to show how out of touch the anti-BNP lobby is with today's voters.

Under the heading "BNP slammed over disgraceful faith comments" the story ran . . .
"British National Party district councillors have been slammed as a "disgrace to the council and the community" after condemning a multi-faith forum representing various religions which has been set up in the district.
BNP councillor Rod Law told Tuesday's council meeting: "Forums like these are an absolute waste of resources for the council and are only put together to promote diversity and multi-culturalism which we feel is absolutely detrimental to the very fabric of society.
"I would like to think there are enough councillors here to very much vote against this motion and not let this council be bogged down with politically correct clubs like these as we see in many inner city councils."
BNP group leader Pat Richardson said: "The idea is it's a matter of freedom of choice, those who wish to mix and exchange views are free to do so and that's the key word here, freedom. To be brow beat into accepting the concept that the public purse, the taxpayer, has to fund this seems a little bit off.
"There might be some people who do not agree with this so why should they have to fund it. These forums are in the area anyway and they are self reciprocating. I don't see that the public council tax payer would see this as a priority for their money."

The rest of the report trotted out representatives of the other three parties and so called Independents to condemn the BNP and finished off by announcing that the motion for the forum had been passed.

But we get an early inkling of how the public have perceived this anti-BNP propaganda through the first three comments on the Epping Forest Guardian website all of which supported the BNP councillors. One voter even said he was now persuaded to vote BNP. His comment was:
"Faith is a personal choice and it is certainly not the job of any council to start promoting it.
Christianity is the religion of Britain and the idea that council taxpayers money is being used to provide a platform for foreign faiths is a misappropriation of funds by the council.
The BNP councillors are right to make a stand and for doing so they will get my vote in Honey Lane next Thursday."

Last night I was burning the midnight oil preparing the local election result grids for Freedom. I was searching out the candidates in the North West and found 104 standing for the BNP (if anyone knows any different please let me know). It was so uplifting to record that there were ten candidates standing in St Helens, eight in Bury and six in Salford - all towns that have been deserts for the BNP up until recently.


alanorei said...

Thanks Martin, yes, you'd think professional journos etc. would have better sense.

Unless they are simply playing to the gallery, to whip up public interest by means of provoking controversy.

Got VoF today, thanks again, most professional.

Re: the Basil Brush story. It's a pity the BNP doesn't own this character.

They could do an ep. where he gets sent down for 99 years complete with striped suit and ball and chain into the deepest, darkest dungeon cell for his heinous 'hate crime.'

And he then breaks out with the help of a prison washer woman and her daughter and succeeds in hijacking a train as his getaway vehicle.

I reckon that would be a hoot.

After all, if a toad can do it, why not a fox?

Bert Rustle said...

Martin Wingfield wrote ...I believe our opponents in the media ... are unwittingly boosting support for the British National Party with the very reports they are placing in the newspapers which are meant to deter the public from voting for us. ...

I find your blog illuminating, however it would be helpful if you provided links to the articles you are commenting on, to facilitate access to the whole article under reviewed.

Off topic. You have written previously that you have been involved in politics for many years. Do you have any references to comparisons between the current efforts to establish a Nationalist political movement and that of a century or so ago to establish a Labour political movement?