Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Labourshambles - Too much hope pinned on RAR concert?

OUR opponents have pulled out all the stops to try to deny the public access to our website since our election broadcast on Monday evening. It has been a concerted campaign and only goes to show how petrified they are of the progress we have been making.

Apparently the Conservative Party will play the 'Immigration Card' this week in an effort to boost its faltering election campaign. A PR firm has been hiring Eastern European actors to play a scene in an election broadcast portraying migrant workers!

For yet another day, it is the British National Party which the media wants to talk about. Today's Mirror plays the Stephen Lawrence card in an effort to induce guilt amongst its readership for that lad's tragic death. - If you are White then you are to blame and don't you dare think about voting for the BNP on May 1st - is the subliminal message in its editorial.

In Wales, our seven candidates in Wrexham are attracting attention with today's Daily Post warning:
"The immigration issue has also been bubbling under the surface.
"It is not known how many are now in Wrexham, estimates vary widely from 8,000 to 15,000.
"The ethnic cultural map of Wrexham has changed in recent years and locals have had to adapt to the influx which has placed pressure on schools, housing and the jobs market. It is no surprise the British National Party has fielded seven candidates."

Labour and its anti-BNP gang are pinning a lot of hope on their 'Rock Against Racism' concert at the weekend to deter people from supporting the British National Party. But things haven't run too smoothly with star of the show Pete Doherty, banged up for breaching bail conditions. In a desperate effort to save the day, RAR have plucked Babyshambles bassist Drew McConnell from obscurity to front the event. But it might just be occurring to the anti-BNP brigade that their efforts could have limited appeal with the public, so they are trying to improve the image of the headlining band.
Most of the music papers this morning are carrying this contrived statement:
"Don’t judge a book by its cover, or more specifically in the case of Babyshambles bassist Drew McConnell, don’t judge a book by its unwashed hair and crackhouse-fancying lead singer.
"One might decide from the look of McConnell and the rest of Babyshambles that the closest they get to government affairs is the back seat of one of those funny-looking British police cars. But McConnell raised eyebrows by urging Londoners to vote in the upcoming assembly elections in order to keep one of Britain’s political parties out of the assembly,. What was his motivation? A drug law? An issue dealing with public display of reckless and gleeful drunkenness? Apparently it was only admirable concern over the state of his country."
Sadly for our opponents, to most people Babyshambles is Pete Doherty and his drug-related antics are imbedded in the nation's pysche, so you would have to think that their power to influence the way people vote would be somewhat limited.

Good letter in The Guardian yesterday which had this the final paragraph:
"As for multiculturalism, the variety that has predominated till recently focused on denigrating and insulting the indigenous population. The proponents called any insistence on learning English "cultural imperialism" and competed to see how much money could instead be spent on translating leaflets into 32 languages. Now we see not only the "defection" of formerly leftwing intellectuals, but panic that many of the white working class may vote for the BNP. Surprise, surprise."

I'm still working on the results pages for May's issue Freedom - North East Candidates today, all ninety-nine of them. It a time consuming task but absorbing because of all the possibilities and just the sort of job to do when the all-important election day is just over a week away.

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alanorei said...

Pity the RAR couldn't enlist the help of Ashley and Girls Aloud Cheryl Cole - Ash probably can't carry a tune in a bucket but since when was that ever a limitation for any current pop star?

Oh, sorry, A & C are having difficulties with their relationship ever since he stepped out on her with a hairdresser(?) and can't for the present be realistically considered the perfect multi-culti couple (or can they???).

But maybe they better stick with Billy boy after all, just to be on the safe side.

Look forward to the May issue on the NE candidates. We are campaigning for one in Hartlepool.