Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Election broadcast - the best ever

THE election broadcast last night seems to have gone down very well in all quarters. Even some postings in what I call 'chattering class' forums were saying that they were pleasantly surprised by its positive nature and concentration on the issues which were specifically to do with the local elections.

Having watched our party political broadcasts since the mid-1970s, I can honestly say this was the slickest one I have ever seen and full marks to BNPtv for producing such a professional job. The downside of the two five minute slots on the two main channels during prime time television was that the surge of interest in the BNP website was more that our servers could withstand and together with a strategically time attack by our opponents, it caused our site to crash.

It was back working this morning although my inbox is empty and I can't send any emails which means some sort of serious damage has been done.

Nick Griffin now looks the consumate politician. Confident and confidence-inspiring, yet still very much in touch with the people, that is something which old gang politicians lost a long time ago.

Had to turn off Dispatches last night. What made the first two programmes so good was that it was the public who were doing the talking. Last night it was Rageh Omaar telling us what we should be thinking which was rather patronising and very disappointing.

I see UKIP now has its own MP after Tory Bob Spink defected to the anti-EU pressure group. The BBC has the story as its headline on its political website no doubt hoping to try and generate a UKIP surge in an effort to hinder our advance. But I'm not too worried. There's no Max Clifford this time around and Bob Spink is certainly no Robert Kilroy Silk. In fact the news might actually help us. The Conservative Party is desperate to get a snowball of support rolling to sweep away its political opponents and steamroller to a huge victory on polling day. According to the opinion polls that snowball has yet to start rolling and a MP deserting it at such a crucial time won't help the cause.

More headlines for us in the newspapers thanks to the antics of our opponents. Skills Minister David Lammy told the Daily Mirror yesterday that he wanted "The BNP kicked out of politics for good".
What a strange turn of phrase from a Government minister to use. He went on to tell the newspaper:
"It's time for Britain to wake up. Have we really begun to imagine how we might feel on May 2 with many more BNP councillors in our towns and cities?"

This morning, newspapers in Sussex are reporting preparations for a big demonstration against the BNP in Hastings at the weekend. No doubt these protestors will be telling the electorate, just like David Lammy, to "wake up" and vote for any party other than the BNP.
As I have said many times before. I don't think people take too kindly at being told what to do.

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