Monday, 21 April 2008

Settling back in Wigton

ONE hundred posts up on this blog, so that is some sort of achievement although it would have been a lot more had I not suffered writer's block brought on by the antics of the power-crazy gang of four. I still have a long way to go to catch up with my colleague Simon Darby who topped 300 postings today for his excellent blog.

The move went OK although there were the usual teething problems setting up the office and with all the change over of services and accounts. I had difficulty accessing broadband at first but this is now resolved. That's why I couldn't blog over the weekend.

I have three days of mail to deal with and that's more than 150 emails that will need some sort of response, so this will be a very short post today.

In my previous blog I mentioned David Cameron's visit to Hastings and his quote in the local newspaper that voters should support any political party other than the BNP. On the Hastings Observer website there was a very good comment from a member of the public. Robert from Castle ward in the town posted this comment:

"When a politician tells me to vote for any political party, including his so called political opponents, but not for one specific party - I know what I'm inclined to do."

Below is a photo from the the front window of our latest home - not quite Silloth Green but at least it is still an open aspect. Patch of gravel in the front is ours and we have someone coming to give us a quote on turning it into a garden and drive this evening.

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alanorei said...

Well done on 100-up, Martin,

Look forward to many more.