Tuesday, 29 April 2008

The finest accolade - condemnation from Gordon Brown

GORDON Brown can't have done any canvassing during this election otherwise he would have known that anything he tells the public would be either vehemently disagreed with or studiously ignored. Labour candidates in crucial marginals have even warned him to stay away from their campaign because he is so unpopular and his appearance on the doorstep would be a vote loser and not a vote winner.

So BNP candidates up and down the country must be delighted with Brown's full page of instructions in the Daily Mirror today telling people not to vote for the BNP. I know for fact that all those people I spoke to on the doorstep in Carlisle over the weekend will be even more motivated to get out and vote for the BNP after reading what the Prime Minister has to say about us.

This man, who can find £50billion to bail out private banks yet still wants to hurt the lowest paid in our society by abolishing the 10p tax starting rate for low earners, will drive more and more voters into our camp every time he opens his mouth to condemn the BNP.

Great letter in The Scotsman today in response to Billy Bragg's full page telling its readers not to vote for the BNP. Full marks to Alistair Harper for nailing the phoney patriotism of this anti-BNP campaigner once and for all.

The contest in Halifax is really hotting up with the local BNP unit pulling out all the stops in its campaign in Illingworth & Mixenden. With just two days to go till polling day this A3 leaflet is currently being distributed. Apparently Labour are still reeling from the child porn allegations against one of it candidates and former mayor and their campaigners are now desperately demoralised.

There's a massive BNP election effort taking place across the country and according to the reports coming in from our canvassers, there is a real change taking place in the public's perception of the BNP. If our campaigners can turn this 'change of perception' into actual votes then there could be a lot more elected BNP representatives come May 2nd.

And finally there's an amusing story from the Newcastle Chronicle reporting that Ken Booth, the BNP candidate in Elswick, has incurred the anger of a Labour councillor after his mail merge to potential supporters dared to suggest that people might vote on ethnic lines.

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alanorei said...

Disappointed we weren't on Look North last night re the anti-BNP pact.

However, folk here in the NE that are spoken to on the doorstep, the ones willing to converse, are also disillusioned with Labour, most of all lifelong Labour voters.