Monday, 28 April 2008

The 'Northern Echo' is at it again

Here's a leaflet that is being put out by Halifax BNP in one of their three target wards. The cartoon really captures the features of the two Labour councillors involved and the text doesn't put any punches on their ineptitude. Of course, Labour are in chaos in Calderdale after one their leading candidates, Stewart Brown, who is standing in Elland ward, was arrested by the police at the weekend regarding child pornography.

The Northern Echo is at it again. First they gave huge publicity to politicians from the North East's three main political parties so that they could tell people not to vote for the BNP, then it was more column inches for the region's church leaders to send out the same instructions.

Now, today, it is the turn of the bosses of the main football clubs to be given unlimited space to issue their orders to the electorate . . . "Don't vote BNP". But it's not all plain sailing, as the first posting in 'Comments Section' at the end of the report criticises the anti-BNP statement from the clubs and says that they have got their priorities wrong. Bob from Newcastle wrote:

"I would like to see the owners of the region's football clubs concentrating on producing local players that can perform in the Premiership, benefitting both club and country, rather than telling people who to vote for at election time.
They have brought in far too many foreign players and this limits the opportunities for young talent coming through the ranks." Spot on Bob!

You can find the Northern Echo report here

Rather late in the day joining the anti-BNP camapign is the appalling Greville Janner who is on hand to issue more orders to voters "Turn out to keep them out", he demands. For more than 30 years I've had to read and hear his pronouncements on British Nationalism and never ever has there been a right of reply. It's almost as though he has some sort of divine status within the media where he can say whatever he likes and there is no comeback. You can read Janner instructions here and although I have to admit to his intervention irritated me immensely, once again his message might just help the BNP, what do you think? Janner wrote:

"About two weeks ago, I spoke at a unique and remarkable political meeting in south London. Other speakers included the candidates from the major parties, each battling to become London's new mayor. On the wall behind us was a huge poster, portraying and attacking the British National Party (BNP). Yes, we have major political differences on many issues, but against the far right, we were and remain united and ready to speak out, with one voice."

To disillusioned voters, "the main parties speaking with one voice" could mean there is only one political party that is different from the rest.

Since the election broadcast a week ago, the BNP has received thousands of enquiries and signed up hundreds of new members - and all this in just seven days at a time when the media tells us that people are losing interest in politics. What ever the results on Thursday, the BNP can be secure in the knowledge that these elections have already been successful.

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alanorei said...

Well, we may get some more air-time on Look North for the NE and Cumbria.

Can't be bad.