Thursday, 29 May 2008

Don't fret, the people of Stoke know the score

OUR thoughts this morning must be with the family of Keith Brown who have conducted themselves with such dignity during their ordeal.

Justice has not been done, but as I said at the beginning of the trial, the script for this tragic saga was written long ago and there could only ever be one outcome.

Our websites have been bombarded with emails from dismayed and angry people would cannot comprehend the injustice of it all. How could this loss of life during a dispute about property and boundaries be portrayed as something completely different is the question everyone wants answering. My answer is because an astute defence council knew that by introducing race and the BNP into the equation it would give his client a better chance of getting off.

I have tried to reassure those who have contacted me personally, that where it matters, in Stoke, the people know exactly what the score is. They have seen Kahn's monstrosity and are well versed in the long-running saga over how it was built and how land that was not his, was grabbed.

The people of Stoke will give their verdict on this miscarriage of justice at the next round of elections in the city. In the rest of the country, a few more eyes will be opened to the unequal society that we now live in - if you are White and British and in dispute with someone from an ethnic minority, the odds will be stacked against you.

Thankfully I can salve the hurt I feel this morning by burying myself in the June issue of Freedom, knowing that when this paper is published it will hopefully be recruiting more new members to our cause.

For Keith Brown's family there is no such escape. They are left with a terrible void that can never be filled and the knowledge that British Justice wrote off the life of a father, a husband and son as next to worthless just because he had been a member of the BNP and had been killed by a Muslim 'elder'.

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Bert Rustle said...

It would be illuminating to read the evidence given in court. Has a (partial) transcript been obtained?

The disparity between the evidence given in court, as relayed by Simon Darby and what has been presented by the Drive-By Media is startling and would benefit from a book to set the record straight.

This sort of 'spin' also occurs in the ‘soft’ sciences. To quote:

... scientists should appeal to non-scientists by presenting their work in a way that conforms to common biases ... The popular notion of 'spin', while used more broadly, often refers to the idea of framing. ...

See for the full non-technical article.