Friday, 30 May 2008

Freedom front page - can anyone help?

There was a very good local election result down in South Somerset last night when Robert Baehr polled 17.2% in Chard Crimchard ward.

The full result was:
South Somerset DC
Chard Crimchard
Thursday 29th May 2008
Jenny Kenton (Lib-Dem) 423
David Mears (Con) 320
Robert Baehr (BNP) 154
BNP Percentage: 17.2%

Robert is a smashing fellow and I reported on him in depth in a broadsheet I produced around five years ago called The Countrysider. I would have liked to reproduce that feature on him and the photos that accompanied it, here, but unfortunately everything was destroyed when my computer failed back in February. Robert is a local organic grower and environmentalist campaigner dedicated to promoting self-sufficiency, the only lifestyle that in years to come will ensure the survival of our people. Well done to Robert on all fronts.

The consequences of that computer failure hurts me nearly every day. Yesterday Nick Griffin wanted a copy and exact date of the front page of Freedom from either the Summer of 2003 or 2004 when the newspaper first reported on the Peak Oil crisis. Before the computer failure I could have found that information out in seconds, but now I am unable to locate it because my file copies of Freedom are in storage while we have building work done here.

If anyone can come up with a date and a pdf of the front page that would be useful.

Apparently there was big BNP coverage in the Daily Star yesterday but I have been unable to locate it it online. If anyone has the link or a scanned copy, again I would be grateful.

Next week is a huge week for my wife Tina as the Party has a new sophisticated software programme for all administration matters installed. It's a massive step forward and the computer programmers will be here for four or five days.

Everything is a bit of a nightmare at the moment. We have just moved house, have the builders in, are trying to work from a tiny boxroom and on top of this have a series of vitally important meetings to attend and a Freedom deadline to meet.

To say it's stressful is an somewhat of an understatement - hopefully a bottle of Chardonnay Pinot Noir that has been in the freezer for half an hour will help relieve some of the tension this evening.


Anonymous said...

Can't help with an actual scan of the Daily Star, but this may be what you were looking for:

Anonymous said...

Can't help with an actual scan of the Daily Star, but this may be what you were looking for:

Martin Wingfield said...

Many thanks for that.

It's even better than the report in The Guardian and will reach more of a target audience in The Star.

bert said...

heres one report.

bert said...

and in todays daily star