Monday, 2 June 2008

Frank is very well briefed on British nationalist politics

ANOTHER incredible weekend of publicity, the highlight of which was BNP South Somerset candidate Robert Baehr's appearance on the Politics Show on the BBC.

The Independent had quite an extensive report on Richard Barnbrook which was passable considering the political stance of that newspaper.

In the Sunday Telegraph there are some very good points raised by Labour MP Frank Field. These were some of the things that he had to say.

"The question is: with a further large chunk of the Labour vote vulnerable to the BNP, how will Gordon Brown react?"

"But such attempts to close down debate on the English Question will fail, just as party leaders’ attempts to prevent discussion of immigration collapsed under public protest at the polls.
"Indeed, the issues are linked in two significant ways. Both are still no-go areas for most major British politicians. Both feed the BNP vote. Slowly, but determinedly, the white English working class – and, I guess some black Britons, too – are voting against unlimited immigration by embracing the BNP."

"Failure by Labour to act decisively will again feed the BNP vote."

"Voters are on the move. Once the BNP gets a sizeable cut of the Labour working class vote across the country, it may be impossible for a Labour Government, no matter how talented, to re-establish the status quo."

Great stuff from Frank, and it doesn't surprise me one little bit. I have almost certainly mentioned it before on this blog, but I shall mention it again because it is relevant after this piece in the Telegraph.

When I became editor of the National Front's newspaper NF News in 1983, one of the perks of the job was to drop off some of the smaller orders for the newspaper to newsagents and bookshops around London. It was a perk because it got me out of the oppressive 'boarded up' Pawsons Road office in Thorton Heath and there were always some social calls along the route.

Now one such social call was at Barry's Books in Islington, which took ten copies of NF News each month, where there was always a cold can and a chat waiting. I asked one day who actually bought the newspapers and it transpired that each and every month Labour MP Frank Field came in for two copies. Years later when I published my own newspaper The Flag, Barry's Books still took it each month and Frank Field was still buying it. So it is no wonder that the MP for Birkenhead is so well briefed on the BNP in particular and nationalist politics in general.

There was a day of action on Saturday in Cockermouth in support of BNP candidate and Allerdale organiser Paul Stafford who is standing in All Saints Ward. Keep checking Clive Jefferson's blog for updates on this campaign and another one Carlisle BNP are contesting in the city's Upperby ward.

BNP stall in the West Cumbrian market town of Cockermouth on Saturday.

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