Tuesday, 3 June 2008

The benefits of all this publicity

Frank Field and the Daily Star are banging the BNP drum again and you can read the report here.

Early blog this morning as I'm on 'taxi duty' between 9.00 and 10.30, then on 'shopping duty' and then on 'ordering a carpet for the office duty' - and all before mid-day.

Chaos still reigns here with the builders nearing completion of their work but still with some 'noisy' work to finish in the house itself which makes work on Freedom almost impossible. What a relief it will be when this week is over, although next week is a difficult one as well with two 350 mile round trips for Tina and I on consecutive days and the Freedom deadline just 48 hours later.

Unfortunately the newspaper will be out a week later than scheduled because of the upheaval here - but as last month's publications were also late so they could carry the comprehensive round-up of our local elections results, hopefully its tardiness won't be felt too much. Next month it will be all systems go to get the July issue out on time.

"What concrete benefits does the Party get from all the recent publicity?" was a question I was asked yesterday, and the answer is easy.

Positive newspaper reports on the BNP creates an interest in the Party and all our office phones start ringing non-stop. We get new members signing up. We get lapsed members rejoining. We get members and supporters donating to the Party's fund-raising appeals and our activists get a morale boost to help them with their campaigning.

Those are the instant benefits for the Party, but also there are the benefits that we don't yet know about that come from the BNP being promoted to the public as an alternative to the Labour Party which is the current media theme.

It's the benefit of being talked about in homes, workplaces, pubs, and clubs across the country and that is something very new for the BNP. In the past people were too frightened to mention our name in public in case they were branded 'racists', and if a political party is not being talked about then it won't be on the voters' minds come election time.

That is why the coverage in the Daily Star and what Frank Field is saying at the moment is so hugely beneficial to us. It is an announcement: "Yes, now it is OK to openly talk about the BNP" and there's only one thing worse than being talked about . . . and that's NOT being talked about.

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