Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Searchlight scaremongers to raise funds

Lots to read this morning but little of it written by me.

Start worrying about the BNP - No 1

Start worrying about the BNP - No 2

Start worrying about the BNP - No 3

Start worrying about the BNP - No 4

Don't get too excited it's only from the anti-BNP magazine Searchlight.

In the run-up to the May elections Searchlight can get its hands on vast sums of money to help fund its campaign against the BNP. But once May is over, these funds from the Labour Party and the Trade Unions dry up to nothing leaving Gerry, Sonia and Nick worrying about where their wages for the summer are going to come from.

To get all the anti-BNP groups coughing up the readies again, Searchlight has to paint a picture of the BNP on the verge of a major breakthrough to make these organisations panic and to start providing finance.

What is slightly different this time from other years is that Searchlight has placed these stories on the Internet as soon as the latest issue of the magazine has been published. This is a gamble because much of it will be read online removing the need for many of its readers to actually buy a copy of the publication.

It's a surprising move, which could mean that Searchlight sales have plummeted so low that revealing its content at this early stage in June won't make much difference to the magazine's sales. Or it could be that they are in such a serious financial state that they have had to publish online at the earliest opportunity to try to raise funds.

Either way, it's not our worry, and the offerings have provided an interesting posting for me this morning.

Day two of the new software introduction seminar today and yesterday apparently went very well with the new programme revolutionising the way our Administration Department will work.

My taxi duty yesterday was picking up and dropping off BNP fundraiser, Ged Munns, to and from Carlisle station. We had an interesting chat during the 50 minute round trip and it is certainly heartening to know who well our financial appeals are going. The money coming into the Party now from its dedicated membership is helping to transform the way the BNP goes about its business.

Another busy day today. As soon as I sign off here, I have to complete a resume of what I shall be speaking about at the Summer School. I had been hoping just to bang off a few bullet points and send those in for the Summer School programme but our event organiser wants something a little more substantial . . . she's a hard task master that Michaela.

Lovely morning up here in Cumbria. Just been for a walk to the shops and it's like being back in France its so warm and sunny. Hopefully I might be able to get out in the garden for a bit of digging this evening, Freedom permitting.

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