Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Tall order to save our deposit in Henley

I RECEIVED an email from Wayne McDermott yesterday evening, providing an update on the current election situation.

Wayne says he has been working hard on the preparation of the Henley leaflets for posting:
"The process has been a bit of a nightmare and took in excess of 500 hours to do and still didn’t get them perfect," he said.
"But on a positive note we will now know the way to do them in future which I believe would half the time if not more.
"The odds on Labour saving deposit lengthen 1/4 now which makes the 4/6 I first saw an amazing bet . . why didn’t I take it? "According to the bookies, Labour are now 80% sure of losing their deposit compared to the original 40%.
"This is one area the Labour vote will not hold up I am certain. I'm not even sure if they have done much of a campaign. I only saw the Conservative and Liberal Democrat mail at the Post Office when I dropped ours off.
"I think its now a case of Labour struggling to get 5%, so the big question is can we beat them, UKIP and the Greens?"

Well that's Wayne's take on things and his analysis seems to match up to reports from other sources. Mark Burke, the South East's Deputy Regional Organiser on the website last night was saying he was hopeful of securing 5% of the vote, and other feedback has put us on the same percentage.

It's a difficult one to call. A saved deposit in these difficult financial times would be brilliant but that's a tall order in a constituency like Henley.

Today, once this blog has been posted, I shall do a couple of hours on Freedom and then concentrate on my Summer School submission. I'm hoping the weather down in Wales is better than it is up here in Cumbria. It has rained cats and dogs this morning and the sky is so dark we have had to put the lights on to be able to work.

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