Thursday, 26 June 2008

Harriet Harman's 1984 Newspeak

GEORGE Orwell would have applauded the Labour Government today for providing the best example of '1984 Newspeak' in recent years.

This morning Harriet Harman introduced a new Equality Bill and that bill directly discriminates against a person if they are White and discriminates against them again if they are male. Thankfully the injustice of it all has not been lost on our tabloid press and both the Daily Mail and Daily Express expose the legislation for exactly what it is - nothing to do with equality but all to do with giving ethnic minorities living in Britain an advantage over the indigenous population.

Interestingly enough ITN, when reporting the item, forgot to mention the main beneficiaries of the new Bill. They mentioned that women would benefit and that older people would benefit, but it just slipped their minds to tell the public that it was the ethnic minorities who would benefit more than anyone else.

Our criticism of the BBC has been proved correct, and confirmation that the ethnic minorities are over represented within the Corporation has come from none other than Dr Samir Shah, a non- executive director and the former head of current affairs at the BBC.

He said that said the politically correct antics of broadcasters were creating an ' inauthentic representation of who we are' and blamed a 'metropolitan, largely liberal, white, middle-class elite' for ensuring ethnic minority presence on-screen 'regardless of editorial imperatives'.

Dr Shah, who also runs his own production company, said one of the 'odder and plain daft outcomes' of equal opportunities was over-compensation.

"I don't know if there is any systematic data on this but I think we can all agree that there is no shortage of black and Asian reporters and presenters around these days - especially on news programmes," said Dr Shah.
"I suspect there is a goodly presence of them even in areas where Black and Asian faces are pretty thin on the ground.
"Let's not forget the UK is still 90 per cent white - not everyone lives in London or the West Midlands.'
"I don't think that such over-representation is a brilliant idea,' he added.

Let's just hope that Dr Shah's comments get the publicity they deserve.

Henley today, and elections in Blackpool and Hatfield, so here's wishing the very best of luck to our three brave candidates.

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