Friday, 27 June 2008

Massive publicity compensates for lost deposit.

THE disappointment of losing our deposit in Henley yesterday has most certainly been compensated by the massive publicity we have received this morning.

Every TV and radio station and every newspaper carries the story that BNP candidate Tim Rait beat Labour and in The Times and Telegraph 'BNP' made it into the headline of each report.

John Humprys on Radio 4's Today programme gave the BNP a plug for beating Labour in the lead-in to the seven o'clock news.

It is huge publicity and is definitely worth the £500 lost in the deposit, although that does hurt given our precarious financial situation.

Our vote in Blackpool - 12% got squeezed but there was a good first effort in Hatfield Central -11%.

There's another round of important by-elections taking place next Thursday the full details will be given in this blog or on the main BNP website on Monday. Last night's full results are on that website.

Big weekend for the British National Party with the Summer School taking place in Wales, so here's hoping the weather stays fine.

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