Monday, 30 June 2008

Great Weekend

What a great weekend. The Summer School was brilliant and everyone who attended must have been impressed not only with the lectures but with the calibre of all the delegates there.

Tina and I drove back to Cumbria yesterday afternoon really boosted by what had taken place. In fact, it was a good weekend all round. We stayed over Friday and Saturday at the Cross Keys pub which was about ten minutes from the site and were joined there by Geoff Dickens and John Ryde from the East Midlands and Kevin Edwards and Mike Green from West Wales.

I have attended scores of these sort of events in my time in politics and I can honestly say that now were are moving into quite a different sphere. We are now on a level of competence never before reached by a British nationalist political party.

The publicity in the aftermath of the Henley by-election has been quite incredible. It was brilliant sitting in the packed pub on Friday evening and listening to the BBC six o'clock news reporting that the British National Party had beaten Labour in Henley.

All the publicity has done our credibility the world of good and sets us up for this Thursday when there is another important round of local council by-elections.

One of these is in Barking and before everyone gets too excited about us gaining our thirteenth seat on the council I must warn that I have heard that both Labour, and especially the Tories, are putting in huge campaigns which include bussing in workers from across London.

I will do a report on the by-elections, including all the full details, tomorrow.

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