Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Manipulating the news

I sat and watched SKY news at six o'clock yesterday evening. The headline story concerned the murder of Ben Kinsella, who died after being stabbed seven times by four black youths.

Sky's Crime correspondent Martin Brunt spent ten minutes talking about the crime yet never once mentioned the words 'race' or 'racist murder'. In fact, that this might possibly be a killing with a racial motive apparently never occurred to Brunt or his anchor man Jeremy Thompson.

Now just imagine that it had been a young Black lad who had been stabbed seven times by four White youths. What would Brunt and Thompson have ONLY been talking about . . yes, that's it, another racist murder.

I'm afraid it makes me so angry that I can't write anything more today. If the British people can't see through this blatant manipulation of the news by the media, then you must wonder whether they will ever wake-up in time to save their country.

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Bert Rustle said...

In my experience they do see through it and those that can vote with their feet and relocate to indigenous areas.

Remarkably, these same individuals continue to vote for the Establishment Party which caused their relocation.

Furthermore, those forming the front-line cannon fodder for this great experiment either abstain or vote for the Establishment Party.

I would hazard a guess that this demonstrates that the framing by the Drive-By Media of acceptable opinions to the mindset described in Reporting Diversity has been largely successful.

Regarding black crime rates worldwide:

Cross-national variation in violent crime rates

From the discussion:

... These results first corroborate predictions ... that Blacks average higher rates of violent crime than do Whites and East Asians and ... people
of East Asian descent commit relatively fewer acts of violent crime than
do those of European or African descent. Present results show that the population patterns in crime found within Britain, Canada, and the United
States are more generalizable than is often supposed. This implies that some of the causes of race differences must be sought beyond the local conditions of particular countries or even groups of countries. ...