Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Good publicity creates interest

WHAT concrete differences does a spell of good publicity make? That's a question that is often asked and the answer was graphically illustrated yesterday by a day in the Membership Office.

The telephone never stopped ringing with new members joining up and former members renewing. There's also an overflow line for the donations department and that phone was also ringing as people wanted to pledge their support for the BNP and they were being re-directed as the main line was constantly busy.

Of course, when the business of membership has been done, people always want to talk and everyone is buzzing over the impact that the BNP has made with its excellent vote in Henley last week. That 'BNP beats Labour' headline shows the public that we can be successful and I think that it is this that prompts people to want to become part of our team pushing for victory.

July is usually an easy-going month for politics but, just like June, it's still very busy and with Summer School now completed, it is all systems go for the Red, White & Blue Family Festival in August.

Following on from that editorial in the Daily Express last Saturday which said that as well as beating Labour, the BNP's achievement was to poll 1,300 votes in Henley, there was a letter on the same theme in The Times yesterday:

"Sir, The Labour Party should be feeling concerned at the outcome of the Henley by-election result (report, June 28).
However, the electorate of Henley on Thames should be feeling even more concerned that more of their number prefer the BNP to the Labour Party.
Mark Clements, Auchterarder, Perth & Kinross"

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