Thursday, 3 July 2008

Where's it all gone - Savile Town

I SAT down last night with a glass of wine and played my favourite CD, Truth Hurts. I must have played Where's it all gone - Savile Town at least three or four times. It's a great song and loses none of its impact the more times you listen to it.

I haven't had the CD out for a bit and it was nice to listen to all the tracks again. Colin Auty is a brilliant nationalist musician and, as someone else in the business of winning people over to our cause, I know just what a potent message there is in his songs. Great stuff Colin, well done.

I see dear old Melanie Phillips is worried about the growth of the British National Party. Writing in The Spectator yesterday she said:

"It is a source of great concern that far too many otherwise decent British people now refuse to believe that the British National Party is what it is -- a bunch of viciously racist and anti-Jewish bigots. The recent debacle in the Henley by-election, where the BNP did better than either the Labour party or UKIP , shows that it is now tapping into a disturbing level of support."

Melanie, just like the other establishment safety values employed in the media such as Richard Littlejohn, Jon Gaunt and Peter Hitchens, is stuck in a time warp with her attitude towards the BNP. She must spend days ferreting out the most obscure BNP references to back up her viewpoint while deliberately ignoring anything that appears in our publications, on our website or our pronouncements in the media.

I would like Melanie to meet Pat Richardson and some of the hundreds of other Jewish members of the BNP and have a chat with them about how they find it in our Party. But of course she won't, because what she would find is that her prefered BNP "of viciously racist and anti-Jewish bigots" just doesn't exist anymore and hasn't done so for the last six years at least.

The Tories are already claiming victory in Chadwell Heath, Hornchurch and Bexley on various websites and I certainly have no grounds to say anything different. What is important to the British National Party is our vote and its percentage. We are building our support in these areas and contesting elections is all part of that process.

Freedom is in its final week now and once again it's an issue full of positive publicity for the Party and should be a good recruitment tool for all the county shows that will be taking place over the next couple of months.


alanorei said...

I got a comment printed on the site for Mel's anti-BNP article.

They even included the bit where I stated that Mel should recognise that the BNP are likely to be among the few friends that she and others like her have in the political/media establishment in the coming days.

She's not stupid (no Jew is) but she does have a peculiar blindspot re the Party, as you indicate.

The Green Arrow said...

I love this album too. It gets me rocking in the caravan.