Thursday, 21 August 2008

Get a more balanced viewpoint

Intermittent blogging for the next few days I'm afraid as all the decks are cleared to get the September issue of Freedom ready for the printer.

It's a slightly different newspaper this month concentrating on the BNP itself rather than the usual pages of current affairs news. I'm thinking of it as a "Meet the Real BNP" issue so it needs to be as widely circulated as possible when it comes out.

Please, please, please watch Russia Today on Sky Channel 512. OK it's propaganda but it is no more so than what is churned out on our news channels and it gives you a balanced viewpoint if you watch it in conjunction with BBC News and Sky News.

Yesterday Russia Today was focusing on the 5,000 South Ossetians living in refugee camps in North Ossetia having fled from the Georgian invasion. There's been no mention of this at all on our news channels - they just have their "poor little Georgia" slanted news stories in an effort to win over public opinion for a conflict against Russia. That creep Milliband demanding NATO immediately accept Georgia as a member - he even makes Gordon Brown seem a sensible politician.

Finally a good news story to finish off with. Great quotes from the Chairman of School Governors. Someone with courage to stand up to the Labour witch-hunt.


alanorei said...

Re: Good news story, thanks Martin. I hope this decision will help Mark's case.

Although only a few comments were sent in, two of which from known Party supporters, the others were all favourable. Anti-BNP rhetoric just doesn't seem to 'cut it' any more in the NE.

And the story wasn't on Look North, either. Clearly the BBC saw no way to 'spin it' convincingly against the Party, the usual nulab protestations notwithstanding.

Which must worry both nulab and their media mouthpieces here in the NE.

Good work on the latest VoF, look forward to the forthcoming issue.

jao7 said...

I occasionally look at the far left and searchlight sites, to get the enemies thoughts.
Their fears are large about our successes, and they bleat on about how reccession and lack of jobs causes people to move to the 'far right' and they need to mobolize more.
It cheers me up enormously to read their sites.
1. The left is ideologically behind the times now, their support never as good as the 'far right' is shrinking, therefore they simply do not have the numbers to challenge us in their usual territory, the streets. The RWB proved that.
2. They miss out totally immigration which is our bread and butter way of attracting people. As long as they bury their heads in the sand over this fact, they can never succeed.
3.Their central tennet is that people come and go therefore immigration is not an issue!, clearly they need to update their policies, but they can't as it poses fundamental problems for them about human equality and Socialism.