Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Labour are the real nazis

IT was quite an incredible scene. People dressed in black, with their faces masked by scarves, using car tyres to barricade a road and then stoning the police as they tried to remove the obstruction.There was the sound of sirens as police reinforcements arrived. There were the scuffles as 33 arrests were made. There was the beat of the blades of the police helicopter as this 'eye in the sky' tracked another breakaway group of protestors.

And all the while a queue of law-abiding British men and women, many with their children, waited patiently in their cars for the road to be cleared so that they could attend the annual gathering of the political party they support.

Labour Party thugs, goaded on by Labour MP Judy Mallaber and trade union boss Bob Crow, and transported from all corners of the country thanks to trade union and Labour money, were trying to deny the right of assembly to members and supporters of an opposition political party by violence and intimidation.

Thankfully our television news bulletins and newspapers captured the scenes and, with just a couple of exceptions, reported accurately what had taken place. It will be a wake-up call for many, to see the sort of violent confrontation our Government not only sanctions but actively encourages.

For over five years the British National Party has had to bear the brunt of a series of attacks from this Labour Government. There have been the blatant frontal assaults such as the scenes just described and the campaign of intimidation and hate, including death threats, orchestrated against our elected councillors.

There has been the attempt to imprison our Party's leadership as seen by the trumped up 'race hate' charges filed against Nick Griffin and Mark Collett.

There has been the more subtle persecution of individual members who have lost their jobs as teachers, in the health service and working for local councils. There has been the targeting of those seeking employment within the police and prison service, who have been blacklisted, even if they have outstanding credentials for the job, solely because of their membership of the BNP.

At election time, our candidates have their campaigns interfered with by thousands of illegal leaflets that are full of lies that are openly delivered by members of the Labour Party. And when the time for the votes to be counted, ballot boxes have been broken into by Labour Party officials and BNP votes have been defaced to make them invalid.

When the history of these times comes to be written, many of those people with influence within our society today will have to hang their heads in shame, because they have stood by and allowed, without one word of criticism, a Government Party to act like a Third World dictatorship in its persecution of an opposition party and its members.

And the greatest irony of it all is that Gordon Brown and his bullyboys have the cheek to call us 'nazis and fascists', when all the while it is they that are denying freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of political choice by implementing the methods of the stormtroopers Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work mate, to hell with those smelly reds!

alanorei said...

An excellent analysis, Martin, which I have separately bookmarked, under the heading TraitorParties/Criminal Behaviour

Actually, what you describe is reminiscent of when the anti-hunt brigade paid students (male and female) from one of the new (southern) universities £14 a day plus B&B to journey to Dorset, don black balaclavas and scream "Murderers!" at 9, 10, 11-year-old-girls from a local pony club (as told to me first-hand by an observer).

That's what they're like. Same crew, same motley raft of mercenary slags and 5th column scumbags.

As I've said on other blogs, the left collectively in this country has nothing to offer but rage and obscenity (in addition to chronic levels of incompetence and depths of deceit that would embarrass Josef Goebbels).

As many of us have seen on the streets, when encountering the 'old gang' screamers at election time.

One of them is one of the top nulab individuals in this area. I recognised him in M'bro Town Hall, when we attended a by-election count, back in March.

Had encountered him last year, throwing a tantrum and mouthing obscenities in a ward of Stockton-on-Tees that we were leafleting.

Wouldn't surprise me if he was of the lawless leftie gaggle drafted in over the w/e.

A work colleague of mine, who isn't a BNP supporter, once described nulab as a rabble. He's right.