Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Getting ready for the RWB

IT was a very good staff meeting in North Wales yesterday with lots of important issues discussed.

We all had a preview of Mark Collett's first Euro Election warm-up leaflet and it looks very good indeed - just the ticket. Mark's leaflet and a special issue of Freedom will, I believe, launch our campaign for the European Parliament in September. More about that issue of Freedom in the days to come as details are still being confirmed.

The RWB looks like being better than ever this year with Nick Griffin, as I understand it, overseeing a traditional food hall - so there is going to be some delicious British food on offer. We are all booked up for the weekend and really looking forward to it. Tina's mother and father come along as well, and our son John has been roped in to help Debbie Stafford's now famous children's activities. I think John has been lined up to supervise the trampoline, so I would suggest keeping your children well away from it!

I'm in the Freedom tent and this year I will have Colin and Sue Goodgroves helping to drum up subscriptions for the newspaper. Colin is also the Freedom photographer and he will be snapping away most of the weekend to capture the real face of the BNP, photographs which will be extensively used in the special issue of Freedom I mentioned earlier.

We are also having a new Freedom banner which Mark Collett is designing. We have had the old one since 2003 so it's definitely time for a change.

M6 was a nightmare yesterday coming home. I always try to leave these meetings at four to get a head start on the rush hour but there was important things being discussed yesterday so I had to sit and suffer. Tina and I lightened our spirits, as we crawled past the high twenty junctions just up from Burnley and Blackburn, by reliving our week's holiday and trying to remember each meal we had. In fact I could murder a plate of mussels and a jug of ice cold Rose right now, but I sign the pledge during the week and only drink on Fridays and Saturdays - BNP meetings and Workington match nights excluded.

And talking of the Reds, guess who beat Carlisle United 3-1 at Borough Park last night in a pre-season friendly. It was a fantastic result for us as it was a strong United side and the win has made a big news splash on Radio Cumbria today. Sadly I couldn't make it as I was still up on Shap when the game kicked off.

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alanorei said...

Well done on the RWB, Martin, to you and all the team.

I trust that security does not become an issue. However, with live music being disallowed, as Simon Darby, I think, has pointed out, a possibility exists of police intervention following the singing of hymns at the Sunday morning service.

Apparently, it is (still) against the law to disrupt a worship service so maybe the Derbyshire Constabulary will wait until worshippers leave the tent before moving in.

No doubt we all hope this does not eventuate but such an incident would be historic, not known since the 17th-century attempts to suppress 'dissenters' in England and the days of the Covenanters in Scotland.

Interesting times.