Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Recruitment carries on even in the worst month for political parties

You wouldn't believe that it's the first week in August. At a time when most people should be thinking about their summer holidays, the BNP membership telephone just hasn't stopped ringing.

When I've been in the office, I have fielded a few calls and took a membership first thing this morning from a gentleman from Sheffield. He had been prompted to join after the local newspaper there reported that the city council had wiped off a debt of a local Pakistani Muslim group which was in total over £300,000. That's taxpayers money written off in the interests of 'good community relations'. It's stories like that appearing in the press that aids our recruitment, so not only do we pick up new members from the hard work of our local BNP leafleters, but we are also helped by the antics of these politically correct Labour and Conservative councils that bend over backwards to do anything they can for the ethnic minorities while ignoring the indigenous population. It's a blatant bias that plays directly into our hands and we reap the rewards of their stupidity.

At the BNP staff meeting on Monday, Radio BNP was briefly discussed. Apparently we now have a licence where we can play any record on air and volunteers were called for to present some of the programme slots. We do have a number of people who have had experience of local, hospital and forces radio so things should be quite professional. Now I wouldn't mind presenting a golden oldies hour mixing the music of the Sixties with a nostalgic look back on our politics and the news of the past as well as more current affairs. Anyway, I'm toying with the idea of putting my name forward.

I have been doing Freedom photos all day today, preparing them for consideration for the September issue of the newspaper. (There won't be an August issue because the July one came out so late.) It does annoy me when we get a good report of a well attended meeting and the only photo sent in to accompany the report is of the organiser standing with the guest speaker. The photo could have been taken in a front room for all the Freedom reader knows. If there's a meeting of 100 plus people then the photo should be of the audience to verify the report!!!!

This happens time and time again and it does make me frustrated that a great opportunity of excellent publicity to show our growth and potential to the public has been missed.

It's been a long day, I was up at 5.30am, so I'm off now to spend an hour in the garden to unwind . . . as long as the rain holds off.

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